This category is for websites with information pertaining to the war that took place in VietNam during the 1960's and 1970's. The principal parties the North Vietnam and the Vietcong on one side, and the United States and South Vietnam on the other. This war is known in Vietnam today as the 'American War'.

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The Battle of Kontum
A history of the 1972 spring offensive in the Central Highlands from the perspective of a US Army aviator participant.
Books About Vietnam
An annotated list of books, videos, and music.
France's Attitude Toward US Policy in Vietnam
Statement of President de Gaulle at his tenth press conference in Paris, July 23, 1964.
Letter Exchange
Letter from President Johnson to Ho Chi Minh, President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, February 8, 1967 for peace negotiations.
The Mourner's Song
Illustrated essay on war memorials in Vietnam, contrasting them to the memorials within the United States.
North Vietnamese Aggression
The record of North Vietnam's campaign to conquer South Viet-Nam.
The Only War We've Got
Files and images about the U.S. experience in Vietnam, especially during the early years. Site by reporter and novelist Dan Ford, who was in Vietnam in 1964.
Navy Mobile Riverine Force boats in action. Describes service, includes guestbook.
Teaching about Vietnam and the Vietnam War
Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name which deals with how to teach students about the Vietnam War. [PDF]
The Tonkin Bay Resolution
The Joint Resolution of U.S. Congress approved on August 10, 1964.
The Tonkin Gulf Incident
President Johnson's message to Congress on August 5, 1964.
Viet Cong Program
The program of the People's Revolutionary Party of January, 1962.
Vietnam Online
Transcript of "A Television History; Roots of a War (1945-1953)", made in 1983 for the PBS.
The Vietnam War
Includes timeline, weapons, pictures and analysis of the conflict.
Vietnam War
Features examples of equipment and uniforms from the conflict.
Vietnam War
Extensively annotated and cross-linked history of the conflict.
Vietnam War - America's Longest War
Vietnam War History, major battles and statistics, Collectables and Vietnam War Picture galleries.
Vietnam War Books
Provides information on books, news, movies, and magazines relative to the Vietnam War experience.
We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young
Site dedicated to the events of Nov. 1965 at LZ XRAY in the Ia Drang Valley; the first major battle of the US forces.

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