This subcategory contains sites about people who were in some way involved in the Holocaust, whether they be camp officials, victims, survivors or rescuers.

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Anne Frank and Me
Essays and short stories about surviving the Holocaust and afterwards in Poland.
The Anne Frank Internet Guide
Includes categorized links and suggestions for thematic search.
Arnold Distler's Story
Video interview with a Polish Jew who survived by escaping from a German Labour Camp and hiding in an underground bunker he and his friends constructed in the forest.
Baral Family Holocaust Memorial Web Site
A collection of photographs of the Baral, Feuer and Ehrlich Families all from Cracow, Poland.
A Belgian Family's Story
The story of the Deloge family from Belgium through two world wars, ending in death in Auschwitz.
Defying Hitler: A Memoir
Review of the book of author Sebastian Haffner.
The Dentist of Auschwitz
The full text of the vivid book of that title, by Benjamin Jacobs, describing his experiences in many camps, including Auschwitz, from the invasion of Poland to liberation.
Emilie Schindler - An Unsung Heroine
The story of the wife of Oskar Schindler during the Holocaust.
The First Days of Freedom
Release from a Nazi concentration camp as written by George Liebermann.
Heinz's Memoirs
Memoirs of Holocaust survivor Heinz Vogel in six chapters. Also provides links to Holocaust resources.
Henriette von Schirach
Story of the daughter of Adolf Hitler's close friend and personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann.
Hitler's Women
Biographies of six female Nazi war criminals, information and photographs.
The Holocaust Children
Information on the Jewish children, Anne Frank, and photos..
In and Out of the Nazi Camps
The true story of Israel Turk and the Nazi labor camps.
Kurt Gerstein: SS Officer with Conscience
Biography, personal report, gallery, and FAQ.
Maria von Maltzan
Short biography of the Silesian Countess Maria Helene Francoise Izabel von Maltzan, who harbored Jews in her home.
Miep Gies: An Unsung Heroine
Brief biography, holocaust information, and gallery.
Nicholas Winton - Schindler of Britain
The story of a man who saved 667 Jewish children before World War II.
Not the Germans Alone - A Son's Search for the Truth of Vichy
A review of a book by Isaac Levendel relating to his childhood memories about the Holocaust in France, and the complicity of the Vichy government with the Nazis.
Oscar Schindler - His List of Life
Biography of a humane figure in amongst the horrors of Holocaust.
Schindler's List
The complete list of people saved from the Holocaust by Oscar Schindler.
Sir Nicholas Winton: A Man Of Courage
Brief biography, intervention information, and gallery.
Varian Fry: The American Schindler
The story of one who saved many of the brightest names in art, science, literature and medicine from the Nazi death camps.
Visas For Life - The Remarkable Story of Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara
An obscure World War II diplomat and his wife who saved more than 40,000 Jews.
Wilm Hosenfeld: A Man Of courage
A German Wehrmacht officer who believed in helping others. Diary entries, aftermath, Holocaust statistics, and photos.
The Wolf Lewkowicz Collection
Collection of letters written by a Jewish man in Poland to his nephew in the United States during the Holocaust. Letters (translated into English), photographs.
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