Creative works specifically related to the Holocaust.

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Art and Remembrance
Dedicated to using the power of personal narrative in various forms of art to illuminate the effects of war, intolerance, and social injustice on its victims.
The First Nazi Concentration Camp - Dachau
View images of the crematoria and the infamous gate that said "Arbeit Macht Frei" (work will set you free).
Forum for Holocaust Studies
Devoted to the study of issues around the Jewish Holocaust and other genocides perpetrated since the beginning of the 20th Century.
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Pictures related to the Holocaust: documents and documentation of atrocities.
Itzchak Belfer - Artist and Sculptor
To commemorate Janusz Korczak's work and the holocaust of the Jewish people with a gallery of paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Learning about the Holocaust through Art
Reproductions of art works produced during the Holocaust, with biographies of the artists, histories of the ghettos and camps, and study resources to support classroom use.
Ninth November Night
The central theme of the artistic work is the human being as a victim. His art deals with the National Socialistic legacy, fascism, violence and intolerance. His pictures are a constant silent protest against collective denial and repression.
Paintings of Tamara - A Child Holocaust Survivor
Galleries, includes history and list of museums holding works.
Virtual Holocaust Memorial to Victims of Kristallnacht
Memorial created by Holocaust survivor Marika Somogyi needs a new home. Shows how it would look in various locations around the world. Includes Somogyi's dramatic story of surviving the Holocaust.
William Bernheim
Paintings and Lithographs of this artist and holocaust survivor. Forced to destroy his work at the Buchenwald concentration camp, he is driven to put his life experiences on canvas.
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