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A Bipolar World - The Cold War
Provides links to documents on the origins of the Cold War, the Berlin Crises, the Cuban Crises, periods of East-West detente, and information on Cold War leaders.
Cold War
Includes history and psychological examinations of this period.
The Cold War
A summary of the Cold War.
Cold War Museum
Presents essay-like articles, commenting selected events of the Cold War in a narrative, chronological way, accessible through a timeline. Also photo presentations in a museum-like way.
Cold War Project
A miscellaneous collection of information, documents and photographs. Produced by Videofact
Cold War: Postwar Estrangement
A historical exhibit of contentious Soviet-American relations before and during the Cold War. Includes links to Russian language documents relating the Soviet views of the Cold War.
The Diefenbunker - Canada's Cold War Museum
The Diefenbunker was built in 1959-61 to house Canadian leaders during a nuclear attack but now serves as Canada's Cold War Museum. Includes Diefenbunker history, facts, virtual tour, and trivia.
Disturbed Ground: Journeys Along the Remnants of the Iron Curtain
The story of the divide told through an exploration of the 800-mile scar it left behind by Eron Witzel.
The Flying Crowbar
At the dawn of the atomic age, scientists began work on what might have been the nastiest weapon ever conceived.
Harvard Cold War Studies
Features declassified documents, information about The Journal of Cold War Studies, a digital multimedia archive, and related links.
Instruments of Statecraft
Study of U.S. guerilla warfare, counter insurgency, and counter terrorism, from 1940 to 1990.
Krieghan's Cold War Presentation
History of the Cold War with information and slide show of the major players and the principal arenas of the Cold War. Includes a chronology of major events and interviews with people who lived through the events.
Notes on Nationalism
An essay by George Orwell in 1945.
Political Writings of George Orwell
Essays, newspaper columns, letters and editorials from 1943 - 1947.
A Secret Landscape
National-security Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) infrastructure. Focuses on ad hoc C4I sites.
Soviet Archives: Entrance Room
An online exhibit on how Soviet-American relations were conducted between the two governments and the two societies. Also discusses inner workings of the Soviet system of government.
Stanislav Petrov Averts a Worldwide Nuclear War - Bright Star Sound
The story of Stanislav Petrov, a Russian officer whose refusal to launch a nuclear strike, in response to a false report of a US attack, averted a nuclear war in 1983.
Thaw in the Cold War: Eisenhower and Khrushchev at Gettysburg
Information on a 1959 Soviet-American summit and how President Eisenhower's brand of diplomacy led to a temporary easing of Cold War tensions. Includes documents from the meeting, a small image gallery, and links to further sources.

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