History of the 1960s; USA and elsewhere.

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1960s Flashback
Listings of top U.S. sports teams, books, movies, and TV shows during the 1960s.
1968 Revisited
Items and commentary from the New York University Archives; timeline relates events from 1965 to 1971.
Chicago '68
A chronology of events surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
Digger Archives
The famed San Francisco anarchist/street theatre group presents its history and lives on.
Free Speech Movement Archives
Documents, photos, and essays on the events of the 1964 movement in Berkeley.
Free Speech Movement Digital Archive
Information on the FSM digital archive from the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.
Freedom Archives
Organization based in San Francisco, USA, restores and archives audiotapes from the late-60s to the mid-90s that chronicle the progressive history of the Bay Area, the United States, and international solidarity movements.
The Greensboro Sit-ins - Launch of a Civil Rights Movement
A new chapter in the civil rights movement with an overview and photographs.
Greg Knight's Patio Culture
Discussion of American suburban culture in the 1960s.
The Guardian: 1960s section of a millennium project
Year-by-year articles on the highlights of the decade.
The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials
The American Museum of the Moving Image has examples of television commercials from presidential elections including 1960, 1964, and 1968.
New York 1964 World's Fair
1964 World's Fair history site with illustrated articles and clickable maps with photos and commentary about 140 attractions.
New York World's Fair 1964-65
Although this site is poorly organized, it has some excellent photographs and information about the "Space Age" fair.
SDS: Rebels with a Cause
Site for a documentary film about Students for a Democratic Society also has historical information.
Sixties Net
Pop culture, music, and snippets of history. Includes discussion forum and chat.
The Sixties Project
Literature, essays, bibliographies, personal narratives, and graphic arts.
The Sixties Section - What Happened in the Sixties?
Stories, pictures, music, and news events of the baby boomer generation.
SNCC 1960-1966
Six years of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee .
The Story of the Manson Family and their Victims
Extensive, well-illustrated site dealing with the 1969 murder spree.
Where Were You on July 20, 1969?
Collaborative journal of memories from the day of the first manned moon landing.
The Whole World Was Watching: An Oral History of 1968
Students at South Kingstown High School, Rhode Island, interviewed people about their experiences of the 1960s.

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