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This category lists historical sites devoted to the sixteenth century time period.

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16th Century
Provides a chronology of events, significant people, inventions, discoveries, and introductions.
Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh - 1584
The complete text of the document.
The Colloquy of Montbeliard - Religion and Politics in the Sixteenth Century
Jill P. Raitt explores the complex array of shifting political alliances and religious tensions which characterized the Holy Roman Empire after the Peace of Augsburg, 1993 by subscription.
Illustrated with period maps, drawings, and letters, this site follows the paths of sixteenth century conquistadors Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, Cabeza de Vaca, and Francisco de Orellana.
Divulging Utopia - Radical Humanism in Sixteenth-Century England
Work that examines the humanist movement in England and traces the reception of a single work, Sir Thomas More's Utopia (1516), in relation to that movement by David Weil Baker, 1999 by subscription.
The Dutch Declaration of Independence
The first declaration of modern times in 1581.
Elizabeth I - The Spanish Armada 1588
The queen's words when she visited her troops in the field.
Europe and England in the Sixteenth Century
Covers political, social, religious, and economic history by T. A. Morris, 1998 by subscription.
Events That Changed the World through the Sixteenth Century
Expulsion of the Muslims, flowering of the Renaissance, religious strife, and expansion into the New World, political, religious, and social changes that took place on every continent are examined by John E. Findling, 2001 by subscription.
Evidence of 16th-Century Spanish Fort in Appalachia
Archaeologists may have unearthed evidence that Spanish soldiers roamed Appalachia with photographs.
The Gospel of John in the Sixteenth Century - The Johannine Exegesis of Wolfgang Musculus
This study of Johannine exegesis covers nearly every important commentator on John from the first half of the century, and examines the medieval and patristic traditions on which they drew by Craig S. Farmer, 1997 by subscription.
A History of Political Thought in the Sixteenth Century
Work that focuses on political theory by J. W. Allen, 1951 by subscription.
History: The 16th Century
Innovations, inventions, discoveries and personalities of the 16th century within a comprehensive chronology.
Internetography on Renaissance Intellectual History
The main focus is on history of philosophy from c. 1348 to c. 1648.
Le Poulet Gauche
A guide to the history, culture, and daily life of 16th century France.
Luther's Legacy - Salvation and English Reformers, 1525-1556
Carl R. Trueman distinguishes Luther's influence from that of the Catholic Humanists before him on these five reformers, 1994 by subscription.
Proponents of Limited Monarchy in Sixteenth Century France - Francis Hotman and Jean Bodin
A complete readable book by Beatrice Reynolds, 1931 by subscription.
The Protestant Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy
The complete book by Salvatore Caponetto, 1999 by subscription.
Queen Elizabeth I Against the Spanish Armada
The words spoken by the Queen when visiting the troops in the field as they prepared for battle in 1588.
The School of the Sixteenth Century
Held yearly to train re-enactors in the various aspects of portraying Spanish explorers and colonists during the Age of Discovery.
The Sixteenth Century
Describes society during this time period.
Sixteenth Century Maps
Maps of political boundaries as they stood in the sixteenth century.
Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
A society with an interest in the early modern era (c. 1450 - c. 1660).
Sixteenth-Century Europe
The complete text by Leonard W. Cowie, 1977 by subscription.
The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Organisation dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th century European history.
The Spanish Armada
A fact file article as published by National Maritime Museum.
Wars of Religion
Articles, maps, and bibliography detailing the wars between Protestants and Catholics.
William Harrison (1534-1593): Description Of Elizabethan England
The complete text of Holinshed's Chronicles issued in 1577.
Wives and Daughters - The Women of Sixteenth Century England
The achievements of personal success and personal wealth by Kathy Lynn Emerson, 1984 by subscription.

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