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This category lists historical sites devoted to the nineteenth century time period.

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Child Labour
Features biographies and entries on reformers, supporters, laborers, working conditions, and other things related to child labor in Britain.
The Complete Victorian
Portal to everyday life in Victorian Britain, including such items as recipes, articles about social customs, facts about clothing and decorating, and a timeline of Victorian events.
The Fugitive Slave Bill or, God's Laws Paramount to the Laws of Men
A sermon, preached on Sunday, October 20, 1850, includes image files of original 24 page booklet.
The Gentleman's Page
A practical guide to attire, etiquette, and other social topics for the 19th Century American man.
Heritage Square
A mid-1800s crossroads community in the upstate New York village of Ontario with tours and activities.
Large Slaveholders of 1860 and African American Surname Matches from 1870
List of large slaveholders and surname matches with an alphabetical index of holders of 10% of all slaves in the U.S.
Making of America
A digital library of primary sources in 19th-century American social history from the antebellum period through Reconstruction.
Memoir of What I Endured During 32 Months of National Service in the Italian Army
A journal by Michele Fuschino, a stone worker of Vinchiaturo in the Province of Molise during the years 1881-1883.
Nineteenth-Century American Children and What They Read
Magazines and books read by 19th-century American children, especially works published before 1870, includes timeline, books and authors, papers and analyses, and images.
On Power Looms
Essay by William Radcliffe.
Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention
Transcript of the 1830 convention of the populist protest party, from an anti-Mason site.
Web documentary on John Horse and the Black Seminoles, maroon allies of Seminole Indians who led the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history.
The Regency Plume Newsletter
To enrich the reader's knowledge of the period and to aid authors who are setting books within that time frame in their quest for historical accuracy.
The Time of the Lincolns
A feature which portrays life in America in the mid-nineteenth century.
The Trail Of Waitangi
Short extracts about New Zealand history from the early missionary era.
Trails of Hope - Overland Diaries and Letters
a collection of the original writings of 49 voyagers on the Mormon, California, Oregon, and Montana trails.
The Valley of the Shadow - Two Communities in the American Civil War
The archives tell the story of major national political events that occurred between 1859 and April 1870.
Victorian Source for Victorian Restoration and Decorating
Sources for home and furniture restoration or decorating, including historical articles and pictures for accuracy.
Victorian Turkish Baths
Their origin, development, and gradual decline.
The Victorian Web
Extensive collection of essays about life and culture.
William Loney RN - Victorian Naval Surgeon
Life and times illustrated by original documents and photos, extracts from ships' and medical logs, maps, period documents, and background historical material.

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