Sites devoted to the Holy Wars fought by Christians during the medieval period. Primarily but not exclusively the wars fought between the Latin West and the Muslim East from the 11th to 14th centuries.

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Cathar Crusades: What was the Albigensian Crusade
Description of and background of the thirteenth century war.
The Children's Crusade
Translated document.
From Wikipedia, the open-content encyclopedia. Covers historical background and context, as well as the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eight, and Ninth Crusades, as well as the Albigensian Crusade, Children's Crusade, and crusades in the Baltic and Central Europe.
Presents the Catholic perspective on the Crusades.
The Crusades
Links for research.
The Crusades
The full text of History of the Christian Church by Henry C. Sheldon, 1895.
The Crusades
A history and apologetic for the Crusades, from the Catholic Educator's resource Center.
The Crusades in the Levant (1097-1291)
Lengthy overview of the whole crusade period.
Crusades: Truth and Black Legend
Italian writer Vittorio Messori defends the crusaders from charges levelled at them during the Enlightenment.
The East and the West in the Middle Ages: Crusades and Crusaders
Weblog containing a chronology of events and articles.
A History of the Crusades
A digital facsimile of six volumes published by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries covering the history of the period and its impact on Europe and the Near East.
The Holy Land of the Crusaders
Pictures and information about churches and other buildings built by the crusaders.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook - The Crusades
A collection of contemporary accounts of the crusades.
Literature of the Crusades
A categorized listing of links to translations of original source material on the Crusades.
The Peaceful Liberation of the Holy Places in the XIV Century
An online book on how the Frankish clergy returned to the Holy Places in the Fourteenth Century for the purpose of maintaining the Sacred Sites and celebrating the Roman Liturgy. A substantial part of the book covers the period of the Crusades.
The Real History Of The Crusades
A historian describes the Crusades in context of Christian Europe's desperate defense against incessant Islamic wars of conquest.

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