This category lists sites of the religion of Christianity within the time of the Middle Ages.

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Archives of postings to the academic discussion list, Medieval Religion.
Ecclesiastical Terminology
Extensive glossary on terms as used by the Catholic Church.
The Electronic Grosseteste
Provides e-texts of the Latin works of Robert Grosseteste (ca. 1170-1253), Bishop of Lincoln, touching on science, theology, philosophy and religion.
Firth's Celtic Scotland
Short biographies of some of the early Celtic Saints who brought Christianity to the Picts of north-east Alba including pictures of their churches.
The Investiture Controversy
Provides an overview of the lay investiture question in Europe with images, including early reform efforts, the rise of Hildebrand, and the struggle between Henry IV and Gregory VII.
Lübeck's Dance of Death
Focuses on the "Death from Lübeck", a 30 meter painting showing Death in a long chain-dance with 24 humans from all classes of society. Provides information on similar 'Dances of Death' from the Baltic Region.
The Rise and Fall of the Church of Rome
Politics, control and corruption of Catholicism seen through historical examination and discussion of 21 ecumenical councils.
Rupert of Deutz on the Gospel of John
A paper by Dr Abigail Ann Young, University of Toronto.
The Russian Church: An Overview
The church from around 900 A.D. to the seventeenth century.
The Spanish Church and the Papacy in the Thirteenth Century
A full-text online book by Peter Linehan, published 1971.
The Taxatio Database
A database of the assessment for taxation carried out on the orders of Pope Nicholas IV in 1291-1292. For nearly 250 years virtually all ecclesiastical taxation of England and Wales was based on this extremely thorough and detailed assessment.
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