The Medieval period (or Middle Ages) was an era of European history that extended, roughly, for a 1000 years from the fall of the Western Roman Empire (5th century AD) to the fall of the Eastern Roman (or Byzantine) Empire (15th century AD). Although a Eurocentric definition, this category includes sites devoted to any world cultures and events that fall within this period. It includes the 'Dark Ages' and rebirth of urban culture in Western Europe, the Turko-Mongol invasions, and the birth and rise of Islam. _______________________________________________________ 'I have made a heap of all that I could find'. Nennius.

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Castle Terminology
Cross-referenced list of terms.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Medieval History
Reviews of titles covering aspects of the period, including some works on areas outside Europe and West Asia.
Exploring the Middle Ages - Mostly Medieval
Ballads, medicine, religion, and holy days.
The History of Costume
Image index by Braun and Schneider - c.1861-1880.
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
A database of primary and secondary sources, categorized by time period as well as location, offering articles, transcripts, and related links. By Paul Halsall.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Selected sources, full text sources, and lives of saints.
Knights and Armor
Dedicated to the history of the medieval knight and knight related topics.
Medieval Spell: The Medieval History Source
Information on architecture, knightly life, society, and war.
Medieval Times
Links to life in the Middle Ages and to castles.
The Medieval Times
Discover the people, culture, technology and development that made up this rich and vibrant part of world history through a concise timeline and articles on battles, the feudal system, witches, invasions, and the crusades.
Medieval Times & Castles
Provides information on history, castles, life, warfare, and torture.
The Middle Ages
Articles with images about life and culture.
The Middle Ages and Renaissance
Important events described by eyewitnesses, with introductory explanations. Includes the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle on the 12th-century English civil war, Marco Polo describing Kublai Khan in battle, and the discovery of America by Columbus.
The Normans, A European People
Comprehensive coverage of the history, culture and heritage of the Normans in France, the British Isles and Italy. Includes biographies, genealogies of rulers, a gazetteer of Norman buildings, places to visit and bibliographies.
The Origin and Deeds of the Goths
Charles C. Mierow's translation of the text by the 6th century writer Jordanes, presented as a single hypertext file.
The Plague, 542 A.D.
An excerpt from Procopius', History of the Wars.
The Realm of The Mongols
Information on Mongol society, history and culture.
The Year 1000 - Apocalyptic Year Extraordinaire?
Medieval attitudes to the end of the previous millennium and argues for an apocalyptic viewpoint, Center for Millennial Studies.

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