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Adapa and the Food of Life
A story that parallels to the Old Testament.
Ancient Mesopotamia
Categorized by art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures, and research.
Ancient Tablets, Ancient Graves: Accessing Women's Lives in Mesopotamia
Analyzing cuneiform tablets and artifacts to discover women's status, work, and areas where they had some power.
Archaeological Site Photography: Mesopotamia
An interactive map leading to photographs of areas of importance.
Babylonian and Assyrian Literature
Comprises the Epic of Izdubar, hymns, tablets, and cuneiform inscriptions.
Chronology of Mesopotamia
A detailed listing from 3750 B.C.E. to 63 B.C.E.
The Code of the Nesilim
Excerpts of the laws.
Collapse: Mesopotamia
Essay on reasons for the fall of the empire.
A Collection of Mesopotamian Laws
Laws governing private as well as public and political life found in fragment condition.
The Concept Of Personal God(dess) In Enheduana's Hymns to Inanna
Paper on the first named and female author in all of world literature.
Counting in Babylon
Article on the numbering system by Michael Fowler.
CyberMuseum: Mesopotamia
Images with comments and links.
Greek Reports of Babylonia, Chaldea, and Assyria
An excerpt from Herodotus's The History of the Persian Wars, c. 430 B.C.E.
The Hebrews to 1000 BCE
Historical article from Abraham to King David.
Inanna/Ishtar's Descent
A story of the goddess' descent into the netherworld providing a testimony as to an early religion in which the goddess, woman, life and love was the center and the heart of religion.
Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia
History, the sources, concepts of disease and healing, practitioners, and other sources of health care with a bibliography.
Provides information about the Fertile Crescent with a brief look at its geography, culture, and history.
Interactive guide to Assyria, Babylonia and Sumer along with information on geography, time, writing, gods and goddesses.
Extensive list of links and resources.
Commentary and resources with ancient Sumerian and Babylonian texts.
Mesopotamian Chronicles
Historiographical texts.
The Royal Game of Ur
An article by Catherine Soubeyrand, including the rules.
Sam Ruff's Mesopotamia
Photographs with audio.
The Tablet of Adapa
The story of the first man.
A description of a temple tower.
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