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African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
The New York Public Library's digital collection of African-American literary and cultural history.
American Women's History
An on-line research-guide to state and regional women's history resources.
Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame
Mission statement and recent inductees. Located at the Hartford College for Women in Hartford.
The General Federation of Women's Clubs
Visit the Women's history and resource center to learn more about the history of women volunteers.
Infography about Nineteenth-Century American Women
Sources recommended by a professor who specializes in the study of Nineteenth Century American women.
Ladies' Union Aid Society
During the Civil War, women supporting the Union effort organized to aid the cause significantly. Their work in Missouri typified the effort elsewhere.
Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska biography of an instructor at the New England Female Medical College who convinced the Board of Lady Managers to open a new teaching hospital.
Mary Lyon
A schoolteacher from Massachusetts, an American pioneer, a remarkable woman who founded the worldwide model of higher education for women--Mount Holyoke College.
Michigan Women's Hall of Fame
Biographical and other historical information; calendar of events.
Nancy Ward
The last Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, and leader of the powerful Women's Council, by D. Ray Smith.
National Museum of Women's History
A nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, focusing on Political Culture and Imagery of American Women's Suffrage.
National Museum of Women's History
the museum's first "virtual exhibit" examines the development of the culture and imagery the evolved to promote women's voting rights in the U.S.: extensive collection of banners, buttons, documents.
The National Women's Hall of Fame
Dedicated to honoring women who have contributed significantly to the development of the country. Includes an extensive collection of biographical profiles.
The National Women's History Project
Official web site of the National Women's History Project: Originator of Women's History Month. Functions of the N.W.H.P.: Clearinghouse for U.S. women's history information; Issues a seasonal catalog of women's history posters, books and materials; Produces videos, posters, guides, and supplies for school and workplace; Conducts in-service training for school teachers; Coordinates the Women's History Network, a national participant organization; Provides consulting services for publishers, media producers, and journalists.
Places Where Women Made History
The National Park Service has developed a travel itinerary featuring 74 different properties from the National Register of Historic Places in New York and Massachusetts. The itinerary includes interactive maps, descriptions of each place's significance in women's history, photographs, information on public accessibility, essays on women's achievements in American history, and links to other pertinent Web sites.
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1775-2000
Nine hundred documents relating to the role of women in movements throughout American history.
Women in Congress
Biographies listed by state, alphabetically and chronologically. Main list includes the state, political party affiliation and dates served.
Women in the Twentieth Century
N.Y. Times magazine review of women's accomplishments and unresolved problems for the past 100 years. Published May, 1999
Women in the War of 1812
Women's roles and the stories ofparticular women involved in the War of 1812. Essay by Hellen Ferguson.
Women's History in America
Informative essay on the status of women from colonial America through the 19th and 20th centuries. Topic include religious views, legal rights, women at work, feminism, and reform movements.
Women's History Project of Northwest Michigan
This organization promotes preservation and recognition of women's contributions to their families and communities in northwest lower Michigan.
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