“The prison struck me as being at best but a miserable makeshift. The day I saw them, they were a sweltering mass of humanity, each unit of which was confined to a space of not more than twenty feet. This of itself was sufficient to make the prison unsanitary. But that was not all...” The topic of war conveys images of death and destruction - but even more heinous than the slain on a battle field is the gruesome pictures and stories of the Civil War prisoners. This category is dedicated to telling their stories so that they may be remembered.

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Alton, Illinois Civil War Confederate Prison
The first prisoners arrived at the Alton Federal Military Prison on February 9, 1862. During the next three years, over 11,764 Confederate prisoners would pass through its gates.
Brothers Bound
One of the darker sides of the Civil War was the fate of those people, men and some women, captured and taken prisoner in the line of duty. This site is dedicated to the memories of all our ancestors whose lives were touched by these dark places.
Camp Morton - Civil War Camp and Union Prison
The history of the Camp in Indianapolis, Indiana. First used as a recruitment camp then as a prison during the Civil War. Photographs, monuments, and links.
Civil War - Confederate and Union Prisoners of War
Searchable directory and categorized lists of registered prisoners taken during this conflict.
Civil War Prisons, Illinois
Names and locations of prisons in Illinois used during the Civil War. One is Rock Island, constructed 1863, which is one of the largest and most notorious prison camps in the North. Almost 2000 Confederate soldiers were buried here.
Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library
Deals with the infamous Civil War Prison camp located in Elmira, NY.
Fort Delaware Society
Now known as Fort Delaware State Park, the fort not only still exists, it is very much as it was when it held over 40,000 Confederate, Federal and civilian political prisoners. Will conduct search for individual prisoners upon request.
Gratiot Street Prison
Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the main Union prison for the Civil War in the West. Includes transcribed prisoner lists from Gratiot ledgers.
Imagesof the Civil War - Prisoners and Prisons
Photos taken in both northern and southern prisons in the US Civil War.
The Johnson's Island Autograph Book Of Lt. Samuel Dibble
Compilation of 221 Confederate officer autographs from Johnson's Island prison.
Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization
This site is dedicated to those men, women, and children who suffered while imprisoned at Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates from 1863 to 1865 in the state of Maryland during the War for Southern Independence.
Details about the locations that were used as prisons during the Civil War in Richmond, Virginia.
Rock Island, IL Confederate POW's
Complete listing of Confederate prisoners who died in the Union prison camp at Rock Island, Illinois.
A Soldier's Story
An electronic edition of "Prison Life and Other Incidents in the War of 1861-'65," by Miles O. Sherrill of Catawba County, North Carolina.
The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz
Explicit details of the trial of Captain Henry Wirz, Commandant of one of the most infamous Civil War prison camps - Andersonville.
Vermont in the Civil War: Prisoners / Prisons
Information on Andersonville, other prisiosn, resources, and statistics.
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