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The American Civil War Naval War
Articles, original documents, official records, that deal with Federal and Confederate Navies and their sailors.
The Boat-Burners & the Steamer Sultana
A look at the sabotage of the Sultana which caused 1800 deaths, mostly Union POWs returning north.
Confederate Navy Index 
Information about individuals who served in the Confederate Navy. From Library of Virginia collection.
Confederate States Navy
Dedicated to the memory of the gallant and too often unknown sailors and marines of the C.S. Navy.
CSS Neuse State Historic Site
Resembling a river barge, this Confederate ironclad built to help an attempt to regain control of the Neuse River was destroyed by its crew in 1865 when Union forces captured Kinston NC.
CSS Palmetto State, Ironclad
A history of the ironclad, with engavings and statistics.
CSS Virginia
Previously known as USS Merrimack, the CSS Virginia is known for the historic battle against the Monitor. Historical documents and bibliography pertaining to this famous Confederate ironclad.
Galveston Harbor, Galveston Bay
The U.S. Navy began a blockade of Galveston Harbor in July 1861, but the town remained in Confederate hands for the next 14 months. This page also includes a "Civil War Exhibit" and timeline.
Ironclads and Blockade Runners
For the navies, the American Civil War began on April 12, 1861 when Fort Sumter was fired upon and ended on June 23, 1865 with the official raising of the blockade. However, the first shots of the war were really those fired at the steamer Star of the West as she approached Charleston Harbor on January 9, 1861 and the cruiser CSS Shenandoah did not finally haul down her flag until November 7, 1865.
John Flack Winslow and the USS Monitor
An historical site about Winslow, who personally paid for the construction of the USS Monitor after the Navy tried to derail the project.
Merchant Marine in Civil War
Role of the Union Merchant Marine, the Confederate raiders, and two African-American Mariner heroes: William Tillman and Robert Smalls.
North Carolina Squadron
Extensive information on the ships, crews, and officers of the "mosquito fleet".
Smithsonian Magazine - Pieces of History
Details on recent excavation of USS Monitor gun turrets and other artifacts.
The Sultana: Death on the Dark River
Narrative and links about the Sultana disaster at the end of the U.S. Civil War.
The USS Monitor Center
From the Mariner's Museum, explores the discovery and recovery of the Ironclad, plus its conservation, history, museum, and online shop.
Wars and conflicts of the U.S. Navy
Main listing of historical topics on all time periods of naval history, including the Civil War, arranged chronologially.
When Liverpool Was Dixie
True story of what happened in Liverpool, England during the years 1861-1865. In memory of Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch CSN, the man responsible for the Florida, Alabama, and the Shenandoah, plus a host of other vessels.
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