Sites which are only or predominantly pictures and images of the Civil War.

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American Civil War Photograph Database
A searchable database cataloging American Civil War photographs from the Special Collections Branch of US Army Military Historical Institute. Search for ancestors, research particular ACW regiments, or look for examples of items worn or used by soldiers of the period. Ultimately, this database will reflect the full range of MHI's photographic collection, from the periods of the Mexican War in the 1840s to recent operations such as those in Somalia and Bosnia.
American Civil War Pictures & Photos
7,000+ hi-res photos and drawings. Regiment photos, battlefield scenes, weapons, portraits of Confederate and Union Generals.
Bob Koch's U.S.A. Civil War Web Site
Over 1,000 photographs, current and 19th Century, of Civil War battlefields and leaders, with information on each. Also includes Civil War book reviews, visitor submissions, and links to related sites.
Civil War Albums
A collection of albums containing over 1,100 photos, and several official records reports and maps related to the 1862-63 Vicksburg Campaigns, Battles of Shiloh, Forts Donelson and Henry, Siege of Port Hudson, U.S.S. Cairo at Vicksburg, Oklahoma's (Indian Territory) Forts Washita and McCulloch, the Civil War in Louisiana and many other Civil War sites.
Civil War Art Collector
Original Civil War illustrations by artists such as Thomas Nast and Winslow Homer, as they appeared in the pages of 1860's Harper's Weekly in an online gallery, and for sale.
Civil War Photographs
1,118 photographs from the Library of Congress. A searchable and browsable database. Includes a timeline of the war.
Over 1,000 high resolution Civil War Images.
Virtual Civil War
A collection of historical and contemporary Civil War battlefield photography by brought to you by photographer Mike Lynaugh
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