This category is focused on the civil government of the Confederate States of America. Here you will also find a few websites of a general nature that do not better fit elsewhere. The time period begins with state secession in late 1860 and concludes with the conquest of the Confederacy in 1865. Here you can learn about: · The Confederate Government, which served the eleven seceded states from 1861 to 1865. · The Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. · The Confederate Cabinet. · The Confederate Congress. · The Confederate Constitution. · The Confederate White House. · The Executive Branches of the Confederate Government. · The Confederate Capital, Richmond, Virginia. · Miscellaneous Websites, which have no better home.

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The Avalon Project : Constitution of the Confederate States; March 11, 1861
A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy. Including the Diplomatic Correspondence 1861-1865.
Causes of the Civil War
Provides listing and explanation of causes of the war from a North Georgia perspective.
The Civil History of the Confederate States
A brief history of the Confederacy.
Confederate Constitution
The Congress of Delegates from the seceding Southern States convened at Montgomery, Alabama, on February 4, 1861. They quickly adopted a provisional Constitution, and in less than a month, devised and approved a permanent Constitution, which was adopted March 11, 1861.
Confederate Desertion
C.S.A. deserters in context. Studies in broad view and detail, and comparisons to the North. Some Anti-Confederate views challenged.
Confederate Government Senators
Lists names of Confederate Senators along with the state each represented.
Confederate planet devoted to confederate history and artifact collecting
A site devoted to confederate memorabilia and artifacts, articles about the Confederacy and its equipment. Videos and interesting news about the collecting community.
Confederate Pride
Includes biography and pictures of Robert E. Lee, rebel links, polls, webrings, MIDIs, and flags.
The Confederate States of America
Provides details of the Confederacy from its beginning in 1861 to its end in 1865.
Confederate States of America Constitution
Complete text and signers included.
Confederate States of America Documents (The Avalon Project)
Confederate States of America Government Documents during the initial four-month period from December 24, 1860 to April 29, 1861.
A Digest of the Military and Naval Laws of the Confederate States
A digest of the military and naval laws of the Confederate States : from the commencement of the Provisional Congress to the end of the first Congress under the permanent constitution, by Confederate States of America.
Documenting the American South
Details the rise of Southern secessionism using first-hand written accounts, literature and narratives from the time period.
Documents of The American Civil War
Documents and reference material relating to Confederate action.
Gazkhan's Civil War Re-enacting, History and Hobbies Page
Site contains history of Palmetto Regiment, and articles on Confederate flags, the Rebel Yell, Succession Cockades, and the Armies surrender. Also has information on reenacting and war gaming.
Genesis of the Civil War
Deals primarily with the issues leading to the War, from a Southerner's perspective.
John Bachman Letter to Henry Summer
Written in 1851, the letter outlines some of the concerns of Southerners after the compromise of 1850 that eventually led to secession.
The Papers of Jefferson Davis
Well done website about the President of the Confederate States of America.
The Statutes at Large of the Confederate States of America,
The legal code of the Confederacy. Full text available on this site.
Valley of the Shadow
Staunton Spectator August 1861 newspaper transcriptions.
War Department Collection of Confederate Records
An index to the huge quantity of Confederate records collected and cataloged by the National Archhives.
[Third Confederate Flag of the CSA]
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