This category lists pages and sites about Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994), the 37th President of the United States. Nixon served from 1969-1974. Nixon stepped down from the office August 9, 1974, as a result of the Watergate scandal.

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"I'm Not a Crook." The Public Face and Private Political Reality of Richard M. Nixon
Transcripts of secret White House tapes are used in a study to determine if there is a difference between a politician's public persona and private reality , and if there a difference between the conversation of a superior and a subordinate.
The American Experience: Nixon's China Game
Details the diplomatic breakthrough in 1972 that broke two decades of silence between the United States and China. Companion to the PBS documentary.
American President: Richard Milhous Nixon
Fact file and comprehensive biographical sketch based on PBS series. Also includes gallery and quotations.
Astrocartography of Richard Nixon's Least-aspected Uranus
Biography of the President, with special focus on how the planetary symbols of Uranus and Moon were reflected in his life and work, by astrocartographer Rob Couteau.
Character Above All: Richard M. Nixon
Essay provides a brief look at the circumstances and events that molded the president's character. - Richard M. Nixon
Profile of the 37th President includes video and audio galleries along with his biography, a timeline and transcripts of major speeches.
Nixon Family: Through the Years
An introduction to the Richard M. Nixon family with articles and photos.
Remembers Nixon as the 20th century's most entertaining chief of state.
Photographing History
Smithsonian exhibit featuring photographs by Fred J. Maroon of the Nixon White House and Watergate hearings.
Richard M. Nixon
Brief official biography of the 37th president.
Richard Nixon
Provides a biography of American President Richard Nixon. Includes his picture and a list of his Supreme Court appointments.
The Richard Nixon Library and Museum
A privately supported, non-profit institution. Includes forum, information for researchers, membership application, volunteer opportunities, and calendar of upcoming events.
What Nixon Saw and When He Saw It
A list of all films that were screened for President Richard Nixon during his presidency.
He Was a Crook
Hunter S. Thompson's Rolling Stone obituary for Richard Nixon: "Notes on the passing of an American monster...he was a liar and a quitter, and he should have been buried at sea...but he was, after all, the president." (June 16, 1994)
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