This category lists pages and sites that tell about the death of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln died the morning of April 15, 1865, just hours after John Wilkes Booth allegedly shot him in the back of the head at near point-blank range inside Ford's Theatre.

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Abraham Lincoln Assassination
Information compiled by an American history teacher includes a summary for students, an eyewitness account, the military commission, conspiracy theories, John Wilkes Booth, contemporaneous photographs and texts.
Abraham Lincoln's Assassination and Freemasonry
Explores the involvement of the Freemasons in the assassination; also draws parallels to JFK's murder.
Abraham Lincoln's White House Funeral Sermon
Complete text of the sermon delivered at Lincoln's funeral.
Did Lincoln Deserve to be Assassinated?
An alternative view of Lincoln's Assassination. What were the motives behind the murder? Did Lincoln fit the definition of a tyrant? Did Lincoln preserve the Union at the price of individual liberty?
Flight and capture of John H. Surratt
Excerpt from Gen. T. M. Harris' book of the 1890s.
Ford's Theatre National Historic Site
Photos and a brief history of the site of the assassination, which is now managed by the National Park Service.
Gen. Henry L. Burnett's Memories of the Lincoln Assassination Trial
The text of a talk given by Brigadier-General Henry Lawrence Burnett, an assistant special judge advocate for the Lincoln Assassination Trial, to the Presbyterian Church of Goshen, NY on his memories of the times and the trial.
Images of the Civil War - Lincoln's Assassination
Photographs related to the assassination of Lincoln, including a large photograph of the hanging of the four conspirators.
Lincoln Assassination Report
Police blotter listing the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, 11:00 p.m., April 14, 1865. National Archives, Records of the Government of the District of Columbia.
Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library-assassination
Account of the assassination with contemporary illustrations. From the Library of Congress.
Surratt House Museum
The home of Mary Surratt, who was executed for her alleged part in the assassination plot.
News of Abraham Lincoln's Death
Official dispatches as published in the New York Times following Lincoln's death. (April 16, 1865)
President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin
First article from the New York Times on the shooting. [PDF] (April 15, 1865)
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