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Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute
Biography, encyclopedia of MLK's life, sermons, speeches, writings, and other materials from the Stanford University project to compile and publish MLK's papers, including school lesson plans and other classroom resources.
Seattle Times: Martin Luther King, Jr.
In-depth biographical information created to mark the 70th anniversary of King's birth.
Give The Dream New Life
Student essayist Charles Gilmer reminds readers that the words spoken by King ring true today.
The Guardian - Martin Luther King
Collected news, analysis and commentary on Martin Luther King.
The King Center
The official, living memorial dedicated to the advancement of the legacy of King. Founded by Coretta Scott King.
Biography and timeline of King.
Martin Luther King
Biography, historical context of the civil rights movement, excerpts from King's speeches and writings, excerpts from contemporary news accounts, and an excerpt from an FBI memo about MLK.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Essays, speeches, sermons, and history from a decidedly adversarial viewpoint.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture Series on Race and Non-Violent Social Change
Siena College lecture series honoring the civil rights leader. Information about past lecturers, and participating schools, teachers, and students.
Nobel Laureates: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Biography, presentation speech, and lectures surrounding the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.
TIME 100: Leaders and Revolutionaries - Martin Luther King
Multimedia biographical profile of King.
Knowledge of Reality Magazine | Martin Luther King, Jr.: An American Saint
Author Damaraj outlines an argument for King's sainthood. (July 01, 1999)
FAIR | The Martin Luther King You Don't See on TV
Authors Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon explore the final years of King's life, from 1965-1968, delving into King's denunciation of the "capitalists of the West." (January 04, 1995)
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