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American Experience - War Letters
Feature about war letters from the American Revolution to Desert Storm. Film description, transcript of letters, timeline, gallery, and teacher's guide.
The Avalon Project
Major documents collections from pre-18th century to present day. Includes Mexican-American diplomacy and US statutes concerning Native Americans and slavery. American Historical Documents
Text of 47 treaties, speeches, historical accounts, and governmental documents from Eric the Red's c. 1000 description of Vinland to the Panama Convention of 1904.
Charters of Freedom
Information and images on several important historical American documents including the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
Constitution of the Confederate States of America
Hypertext from the Revolution to Reconstruction project, University of Groningen.
Declaration and Resolves Of The First Continental Congress
Hypertext from the Journals of Congress (ed. 1800) at the Avalon Project.
From Revolution to Reconstruction: Documents
Extensive collection of hypertext transcripts of historical documents, speeches, letters, and other source material pertaining to U.S. history.
Gilder Lehrman Collection
One of the largest collections of American historical documents in private hands. The collection's holdings are strongest from 1760 through 1876.
Sells fully indexed, digitized version of Harper's Weekly, the preeminent news and literary journal of the last half of the 19th century.
Historical Text Archive
Documents categorized by the following: Native American, Colonial, Revolutionary, Early Republic, 19th Century and 20th Century.
Interpreting the Declaration of Independence by Translation
The Declaration of Independence, as it has been translated into different languages, and at different times. Compliments March 1999 Journal of American History roundtable discussion of the same title.
Journey Back In Time
Michael Kocha's collection of thousands of historical newspaper articles, documents, and writings of America's past spanning more than 400 years. Available online by subscription.
Milestone documents of American history, presented by the National Archives and Records Administration.
Slaves and the Courts 1740-1860
Collection of legal documents, pamphlets, and books concerning slavery, slaves, and abolition.
The United States Democratic Review
Political journal archive, published from 1837-1859. Part of the Making of America e-text collection at Cornell University.
US Historical Documents
A Chronology of US Historical Documents from pre-Colonial to present day. - The Legacy Project
The project's mission is to honor America's veterans and active duty personnel by preserving their wartime letters and other written communications.
Words and Deeds in American History
Library of Congress- "Representative documents spanning from the fifteenth century to the mid-twentieth century."
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