This category is intended for sites about the history of what is now the United States of America, prior to its independence from Britain. This period has traditionally started with the 1492 expedition of Christopher Columbus, who initiated the first sustained contact between Europe and the Western Hemisphere; through the Revolutionary War (or War for American Independence), and includes successive exploration and colonization of North America by Spain, England, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and other European nations.

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Colonial America Resources
Electronic copies of Poor Richard's Almanac, and other materials from 1700's.
Colonial Hall: Biographies of America's Founding Fathers
Learn early American history through excerpts from the 1829 book.
Colonial USA Archives
Historical text archives and resources links to the Colonial period.
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation History
Includes history and the education resources available to students and Colonial history enthusiasts.
Cultural Readings: Colonization and Print in the Americas
An exhibition of books, manuscripts, illustrations, and maps from the Penn Library.
Davistown Museum
History of hand tools and technology in USA, colonial history of the Davistown Plantation (Liberty and Montville, Maine) and coastal Maine Native Americans (Wawenoc Indians). Includes extensive bibliography.
Early Colonial Era
A timeline of significant events to 1700 at The History Place.
The First American Theatre
A history of the earliest theatrical performances in America.
Fourth of July Celebrations Database
From American University, selected examples of Independence Day celebrations throughout US history.
The Liberty Tree
A broad-based site celebrating the American spirit, especially during the Revolution. There are also personal writings, and movie reviews.
Maps of Colonial America
Hargrett Library Rare Maps listings of colonial America.
The Mayflower Page
Extensive historical data, including passenger list, crew, documents, crime and punishments on board, and pilgrim writings.
New Netherland Project
Its primary objective is to complete the transcription, translation, and publication of all Dutch documents in New York repositories relating to the seventeenth-century colony of New Netherland.
The People of Colonial Albany Live Here
Interactive web exhibit of the Colonial Albany Social History Project, a model community history program sponsored by the New York State Museum.
Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts
Exhibition and interpretation of ca. 1650-1821 Spanish colonial military artifacts from the former Spanish Floridas and Louisiana. Emphasis is on such uniform-related materials as buttons, buckles, and insignia.
Squantum (Squanto) and Cupids
The life story of Squantum (Squanto), a native american who helped the Pilgrim Fathers.
Trade in Colonial America
Understanding the colonial economy, presented by ECONnections.
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