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Ancient Macedonia
Ancient and modern history, from a Republic of Macedonia perspective.
British Foreign Office and Macedonian Identity
The Macedonian question - history of the land under foreign administrations.
Discoveries About the Literacy, Language and Culture of the Ancient Macedonians
By Vasil Ilyov; uses evidence from prehistory and antiquity to support his conclusion that modern Macedonians descend from an authentic original population on the Balkan peninsula.
Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of Macedonians
Presents arguments from various periods on the differences between Macedonians and Greeks and discusses Greek policy of denying the existence of Macedonians in Greece.
Greeks and Macedonians
By E. Badian. Argues in favour of the distinction between the Macedonians and the Hellenes by examining the political circumstances in Macedonia and Greece in the ancient period.
Hellenic Macedonia
Provides a description of Macedonian history from a Greek viewpoint.
History of Macedonia
Extensive information about Macedonian history.
Book by former Greek minister Nikolaos Martis, presents the Greek position regarding the Macedonian question.
Macedonia on Old Maps
Collection of published maps, dating from 1477 to the early 1900s, that depict the region.
Macedonia: 4000 Years of Greek Civilization
A Greek perspective on the ancient history of Macedonia, including Thessaloniki. Includes timetables, lists, and quotations from classical sources.
Macedonian Civilization
Reviews the region's history, language and culture. Presents cultural and linguistic arguments on the links between the ancient Macedonian Empire and the modern Republic of Macedonia.
On-line journal of Macedonian history and culture, covering prehistory, antiquity, the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, through the present, with many links. Some materials in Greek, Bulgarian, or Macedonian languages.
Philip of Macedon
Brief biography, description of his military campaigns. Includes illustrations, coinage and photographs.
WWW-VL History, Macedonia
Macedonian history links on the World Wide Web Virtual Library History Catalogue

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