Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945, German dictator ("Führer") 1933-1945

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Adolf Hitler
Source page of speeches and writings by Hitler on anti-Semitism and World War II. From the Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture.
Adolf Hitler
A biography, with footnotes and external links.
Adolf Hitler - Master of Destruction
Profiles the Führer, his rise to power, and the Holocaust. Includes images, books and links. From a Danish Holocaust site.
Adolf Hitler's Views and Opinions of Democracy
Outlines Hitler's views and opinions of democracy and sheds light on his worldview within the context of his definition of democracy.
The History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler
A complete history 24 chapters covering the rise of Adolf Hitler from unknown to dictator of Germany. Includes photos.
Hitler and Poland
Excerpt from "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume One" on Hitler's plans to invade Poland.
Hitler and the Century of Death
An essay in progress that suggests "tribalism" as the explanation for Hitler's atrocities.
Hitler's Christianity
A compilation of source material to support the argument that Hitler thought of himself as a Christian.
Hitler's Place in History
Ian Kershaw's OU Lecture from BBC FOUR re-evaluating how history will judge Hitler's legacy. Includes a downloadable mp3 version.
How was Hitler able to become Chancellor in January 1933?
Notes on how Adolf Hitler was able to take power.
The Life of Adolf Hitler
The story of the Nazi Führer and his road to power
Mein Kampf
Translation of Adolf Hitler's book.
Mein Kampf, heavily abridged
Hitler's Mein Kampf in 9,000 words
Myth: Hitler was a leftist
Essay refuting the assertion that Hitler or the Nazi regime were socialist in character.
Original Artwork of Hitler
Images and descriptions of some of Hitler's artwork.
OSS Papers: Adolf Hitler
Online version of the Office of Strategic Services source book on Hitler. The OSS was a US wartime agency which later became the CIA. Psychological profile of Hitler and a number of 1930s and 1940s era articles, essays and studies of the German dictator.
Proverbial Manipulation in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf
Online academic article by Wolfgang Mieder examining Hitler's use of language in Mein Kampf.
The Psychology and Development of Adolf Hitler Schicklgruber
Adolf Hitler tells you who he is through his own words: a focus on just who Hitler was. Also his youthful experiences that shaped his perceptions.
Quotes by Adolf Hitler
A collection of quotations by Adolf Hitler
Sounds and Images of Adolf Hitler
Archive featuring audio files, images, and video of Adolf Hitler.
TIME 100: Leaders & Revolutionaries - Adolf Hitler
An essay written by Holocaust survivor and noted author Elie Wiesel on Adolf Hitler and the nature of evil.
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony C. Sutton
An online book examining the relationship between Hitler and international financiers.

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