This category and its subcategories are for websites that cover topics in the earlier history of the Indian subcontinent in sufficient detail to be of interest to a knowledgeable reader. Modern history will be found in the Regional country subcategories. The countries covered are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and The Maldives. Some material from other neighbouring countries may be included.

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Internet Indian History Sourcebook
A collection of links and original source material on the history, religion and culture of the whole subcontinent, from the earliest times.
Bharteeya Historiography
An article by Sriram Sathe questioning the foundations of current accepted histories of India.
Heritage (India Heritage)
A site devoted to the culture of India. In particular there are pages describing the history and development of temple architecture.
Hindu History
Discusses many topics in the history of the subcontinent from an Indian nationalist viewpoint. By Sudheer Birodkar.
History of India
Topics include the caste system, widow-burning, Jewish communities.
Indian Civilization Studies - Mailing List
Mailing list to exchange information on Indian civilization studies and research findings.
Academic site at University College London, with a large and up to date collection of links.
Jain History Outline
Timelines of Jain history with many links to history topics and Jain texts, comparisons with other historical events.
Library of Hindu History
An overall view, as seen from a modern religious and Hindu nationalist viewpoint.
Manas: History and Politics
A brief overview of the history of the subcontinent.
A Short History of Bengal
History of the Bengal region and the people, and their language and culture, from the ancient to the modern period.

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