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Civic organizations which deal explicitly with the United Nations, such as the Coalition for a Strong United Nations, or liaison offices for non-governmental organizations concerned about UN affairs, such as the Baha'i International Community's United Nations Office.

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Department of Economic and Social Affairs: Non-Governmental Organizations
Compiles documentation about NGO's consulting the Economic and Social Council. Offers a list of participating organizations, application forms for new NGO's, and frequently asked questions for the general public.
Academic Council on the United Nations System
International association of scholars, teachers, and practitioners active in the work and study of the United Nations and related organizations.
Global Public Policy Institute
Part of the "Visioning the UN" initiative, this research project examines the challenges of globalization and the potential contribution of GPPNs in addressing them.
The Regency Foundation
A not-for-profit organization working with United Nations agencies on issues of agriculture, environment, telecommunications, and development.
UN Watch
Monitors the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of the UN Charter.
United Nations Foundation
Created to administer Ted Turner's $1 billion pledge in support of the United Nations. Includes information on the Foundation and its activities, grants given, the grant process, UN news, and background on the global issues the UN confronts daily.
Women's Environment and Development Organization
An international advocacy network that strives for a healthy planet with social, political, economic and environmental justice for all through the empowerment of women. Features information on environmental links to breast cancer, women's health, gender justice, UN conference followup, particularly monitoring of the Beijing Platform for Action and the Cairo Programme of Action. WEDO also publishes global reports on government and NGO action in response to these plan of actions. Co-founded by Bella Abzug in 1991.

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