Organizations connected with the Commonwealth.
Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies
Promote and coordinates scholarship of Commonwealth literature. List of member organizations, newsletters, and conference and event information.
Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
Advances international co-operation and understanding in higher education in Commonwealth nations. Site describes services, facilities, publications, and awards and scholarships.
Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management
Includes mission statement, contacts, programs, awards and educational information.
Commonwealth Association of Museums
Includes mission statement, programs, bulletins, and meeting information.
Commonwealth Association of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Includes calendar of events and meetings, organization structure, member contacts, and education forums.
Commonwealth Association of Planners
Includes membership contacts, newsletter, meeting notes and schedules, and links.
Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy (CASLE)
Federation of independent surveying professional societies, coordinating study into surveying and mapping, land economy, and quantity surveying and cost-control. Newsletter and publication information, conference notices, and related links provided.
Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators
Includes news, vision statement, organization structure, publications, event and meeting schedule, and contacts.
Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
Includes news, awards, training opportunities, contacts, and links.
The Commonwealth Institute
Program information and activities promoting cultural understanding and dirvesity within the Commonwealth.
Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA)
Organization of lawyers, law societies and bar associations across the Commonwealth. Information on membership and mission statement, conference announcement, and publications.
Commonwealth Magistrates' and Judges' Association
Includes conference schedule, publications, resources, members area, ecucational opportunities, contacts, and links.
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Includes organazional aims and objectives, forums, reference resources, training, contacts, and links.
Commonwealth Press Union
The association for newspapers and news agencies across the Commonwealth. Mission statement, programs, meeting and events calendar, and contacts.
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization
Includes event and meeting calendars, program information, history, contacts, and links.
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