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In many jurisdictions retail deposits with banks are guaranteed by one of the government, a government-backed or a government-endorsed entity. Sometimes these deposit guarantors, also known as deposit insurers, fund themselves with a levy on banks. If the deposit guarantor is not the central bank, the finance ministry, or the government's debt office, it should be listed here.

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Argentina - SEDESA
Seguro de Depósitos Sociedad Anónima, which administers as trustee the Deposit Guarantee Fund.
Bulgaria - Deposit Insurance Fund
Undertakes to pay in full the deposit amounts of legal entities and physical persons up to BGN 15,000.
France - Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts
Compensates depositors of an institution which can no longer meet its liabilities, up to a limit of 70,000 per depositor.
Hungary - Országos Betétbioztosítási Alap
National Deposit Insurance Fund, which guarantees deposits up to one million forints.
International Association of Deposit Insurers
IADI contributes to the stability of financial systems by promoting international cooperation and encouraging international contact among deposit insurers.
Japan - Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
Guarantees up to a maximum principal of ¥10 million per depositor per financial institution, plus interest. For current deposits, until end March 2005, the full amount is protected.
Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
Protects principal and interest of insured deposits up to KRW 50,000,000.
Mexico - Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB)
Gives statutory foundation, details of insurance, financial statements, and names of directors. [English/Spanish]
Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
Deposits insured up to P 100,000.
Slovakia - Deposit Protection Fund
The fond ochrany vkladov, providing protection to depositors in Slovakia.
Sweden - Insättningsgaratinämnden
The Deposit Guarantee Board covers deposits in banks and in securities firms up to SEK 250,000 for each client.
Taiwan - Central Deposit Insurance Corporation
Site has some statistics relating to insured deposits, and more information in Chinese.
Trinidad and Tobago - Deposit Insurance Corporation
Manages a Fund to provide insurance for depositors should a member financial institution fail; includes mission, functions, resources, and contacts.
United States - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal deposit insurance protects the first $100,000 of deposits that are payable in the United States.

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