Sites in which the primary focus is the etymology of a surname and its variants, a one-name study or organization, relevant genealogy, or an associated family history.

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Salter Family
Ancestral lineage compiled by Gavan Joseph Salter of AUS. Includes historical notes, family tree and researches the related surnames Code and Portwine.
Saltmarsh: North America
Family history including database, photographs and migration details.
Descendants of Juan Matias Sanchez from Taos in New Mexico and Montebello in California, USA.
Descendants of Giles Sanderson of Astley, Leigh, Lancashire, England.
Ancestors of Stephen J. Sartor featuring the lineages of Johann Baptist Sartor, Peter Hauck/Houk, Patrick Mullahy/Malahy and Jakob Mussig/Missig.
Saumarez and Sausmarez Reunion
The Saumarez family will be holding a reunion at Sausmarez Manor in guernsey this September.
Savenije and Boekholt
Family history including surname origin, pedigrees, maps and local documentation. Also available in Dutch and French.
Saxbury Family History
Includes history, photos, obituaries, census records and military information. Information on surname Moore available.
Allan Scahill's County Mayo, Lancashire and Cheshire roots. Includes surname origins, biography of Fahburren, coat of arms plus Scahill and Johnson family pedigrees.
Scarbrough Family
Scarbrough and Stackhouse line from Bucks County, PA in 1682. They came with William Penn.
Scatchard Family Tree in North America
All Scatchards in North America (USA and Canada) descended from one of 15 immigrants. Flow charts of all trees, short bios, obits, birth-death records, alphabetic index.
Schackleford of North Carolina
Descendants of Francis Shackelford of Caswell County.
Schafbuch Family
Collection of photographs and general history pertaining to the family line and associated lineages. Compiled by Byron Schafbuch.
Scheel Family
Ancestors of Jared Scheel featuring Scheel, Steffens and related families.
Scherr and Scherer Family
Descendants of John Jacob Scherr and Peter Scherer. Includes photographs and links.
Descendants of Hans Schienle of Waldenbuch, Neckar, Wurttemberg. Traces the Schoenly/Schanely lineage from DEU to the USA.
Schleis Family
Detailed pedigrees, histories, documents and photographs of the Schleis, Seigfried, Schnitzler and Willig families. Compiled by Paula Schleis.
Ancestral database compiled by Wilma Campos. Includes spelling variation of Schloetzer.
Family history featuring the lineage from Washington County, Arkansas USA. Research compiled with the assistance of Richard Henry Schmitt from Oak Park, Illinois, latter years Brantley County area of Georgia.
Schram: We Really Dig
Family history and general interests of Elinor Schram. Surnames include Antes, Barnhart, Cripe, Deeter, Eller, Goodin, Gripe, Holt, Kinports, Kuns, Miller, Rench, Rentch, Schnebly and Smith.
Schreiber Frese
Researching the family lines from Mexico and Germany. Compiled by Guenther W Schreiber.
Schryver and Schriver families of Fredericksburgh and Hastings County, Ontario.
Schultheiss Family Directory
Worldwide contact details for those researching the name. Includes applicable web addresses and maiden names.
Descendants of Johannes Schultheis.
Schupp: Dutch's Place
Family history of George E (Dutch) Schupp including the surnames Schuler, Krieg, Rapp and Keller.
Schweissguth Family
Ancestral database as compiled by Andrew M Swicegood from Glen Burnie, MD USA.
Scrase Family
Genealogical memoir of the family of Scrase in England.
Scribner Family Association
Non-profit society dedicated to discovering and preserving the family history of the descendants of John Scriven of Dover, New Hampshire.
Scutt Family Trees
Documenting all lineages across South East England. Compiled by James F Scutt.
Researching the Seachord, Simoneau, Morgan and Winslow families.
Seale Family
Features the lineages of St Helena as compiled by Colleen Eldredge from Narcoossee, Florida, USA.
Seamarks Family History
Researching both Seamarks and Seamark including surnames Pallant of Suffolk and London; Davis of Wednesbury; Sheldrake of St Albans; and Williman, Willamon of Norfolk.
Sears Family
Web ring to assist researchers in making contact and exchanging information about the name and its application.
Seckerson One Name Study
Study of Seckerson and its variants with the aim of assisting genealogists and defining the original source of the name.
Family trees of Caren (Courneya) and Dave Secord. Includes information collected from New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.
Sedelmeier Family
German ancestry including the lineages of Dörflinger, Paschke, Priebe, Kaiser and Stoll.
Sedgwick Family - Great Britain
Researching the surname Sedgwick and variants in the British Isles.
Self Family Newsletter
Documenting the history and heritage of the name and its application. Includes Selfe, Selph and other variants.
Family history including the surnames Mansfield, Reed, Cleary and Simms.
Family history and general interests. Focus is on the Polish and Ukrainian roots and immigrant experiences in Pennsylvania, USA.
Sengers-Stamboom Family Tree
Researching the Sengers from Sydney, NSW AUS. Includes interactive database and associated links.
Lesah Sesma's family tree featuring the Sesma and Gonzales families of Arizona, USA.
Sharpe in Virginia, US
Newsletter published twice monthly containing sourced research material for researchers of the Sharp/Sharpe and connected families, with emphasis on Virginia, US.
Shaules Family
Shaules genealogy, links, and email addresses.
Resource for the descendants of John Henry Shawkey. Explains the origins of the name and posts an extensive family tree.
Sheahan Family
Dedicated to the name and its application. Also provides email accounts for family members.
Shelley and Lock
Features the ancestral heritage of Vic Shelley from Perth, WA AUS; includes quilting and life in general.
Single name study maintained by Rob Shelvey from Kent ENG. Includes various pedigrees, parish records, general history and associated theories.
Sherbondy Family Association
Sherbondy descendants. Includes original spelling of Cherpantier (the first Sherbondy was John / Jean / Johann Cherpantier) and current variations of Sharbondy, Sherbundy and Sharbonda.
Sherwood Family History
Study group tracing their Sherwood ancestry world-wide. Includes variants such as Sharwood, Shearwood, Sheeerwood, and Shurwood.
David Shields - includes Alverson, Atkins, Bean, Bench, Brattain, Cain, Clark, Cowen, Grant, Henderson, Hosic, Johnson, Lennon, Payne, Saunders, Shields, Shoff, Smith, Thompson, Vowels, and Wright.
Shiloff Genealogy
Family genealogy and research for Chaim (Hyman) Shiloff and Dvoshe Rosen and their descendants. Family lines include Zoorwill/Zhuravel, Glick/Gleich, Heshelow/Heselov and others.
The family of William Shilton of Farringdon, Berkshire, England.
Family trees that date from the 1800s (IRL) and the 1600s (DEU) to present day USA, ENG, CAN and AUS. Includes maps, biographies and general history.
Shirer Family
Descendants of Valentine Shirrar (Shirer) and related families.
Siddiqui Family
Family tree and webpages for more than ten generations of Siddiqui family.
Siemens, Jacob
Book on the ancestors and descendants of Jacob Siemens, a Dutch-German Mennonite who lived in Russia 1862-1927.
Sies List
Dedicated to finding, documenting and sharing information about the Sieswerda/Syswerda name.
Siford/David Families
Ancestral database as maintained by Jim Siford.
Silos Family
Ancestors and descendants of the Silos in the US and Philippines.
Family tree presented in Dutch and English. Features the surnames Rechholtz, Seimann and Wichra.
South Carolina family including the lineages Tate, Palmer, Cordes, Marion, Porcher, Gendron and Gaillard.
Sims: Search for the Lost Ancestors
Family history of James Searle Sims born 1900 in Hartford, Kansas and Gwendolyn Dorothy Mann born 1914 in Pocatello, Idaho, USA. Includes the lineages of Cummins, Wensauer, Hirschvoigel, Sweet and Spender.
Family history and general interests of Peter Sipple from Essex, ENG. Includes UK research into the surname and its application; discussion forum; and mailing list.
Sisco Family Ties
Ancestral history including the surnames Bowling, Darnell, Gilliam, Moore, Waddell and Webb. Features Sisco surname register and associated links.
Ancestral history covering nine generations to 1778, primarily UK. Includes coat of arms and surname origin.
Skeel and Kannegaard Genealogy
Family history in Denmark, nobility in Europe, royal families, coat of arms.
Sladen Family
Genealogy of families mainly in New England, Canada, England and France with concentration on Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, USA and Littleborough, Rochdale, Keighley and Idle, England. Compiled by Wayne Michael Sladen.
Slama Family
Ancestors and descendants of Karl and Julianna Slama. Includes family tree, memorial, Ellis Island records, web awards, associated links and guestbook.
Slings Family Tree Research
Gert Slings from Papendrecht (Holland) and Hubert Slings from Waddinxveen (Holland), trace the lineages of the Netherlands and the USA. Available in Dutch and English.
Forum for information on Slingsbys worldwide.
Sloan Family
Ancestors and descendants of John Clark Sloan and wife Isabella Black with origins in Scotland and Ireland.
Sloyer-Schloyer Family
Descendants of Johann Michael Schleyer in the US. Includes the variants: Schlaher, Schleier, Schleyer, Schlëyer, Schloyer, and Sloyer. Prepared by Joyce Godfrey.
Small: USA
Tracing the name and its application throughout America with pedigrees listed by state. Includes origins, coat of arms, military history, resources and mailing list.
Smallwood Family
History of the name including worldwide contacts as compiled by Ian Hall. Features official study by David Smallwood who is registered with the Guild on One Names Studies, number 2361.
A number of family lines, humor, and links.
Research includes the variants Smithhart, Smitheart, Smithert, Smithard, Smithiard. Features obituaries, census and military records plus a message board and associated links.
Interactive forum for those researching the name.
Family history and monthly newsletters related to the lineage.
Snellen Family
Exchange information, post family pictures, announce reunions and list pedigrees. Includes a narrative of the early descendants of William Napier.
Soderlund Family of Minnesota
The Soderlund Family immigrated to the United States in 1892 from Fanbyn, Medelpad, Sweden and moved to Minnesota. Genealogy, history and links.
Sole Society
British family history association researching the name and its application including the variants Saul, Sewell, Solley and Solly. Overseas membership welcome.
Solorzano Blog
Surname, history, lineage, crest, coat of arms, familia, apellido, historia, linaje, escudo, armas, forum, foro.
Somers Family History
Ancestral history of Joan Hapeman Somers and Thomas J Somers featuring the surnames Butler, Goetz, Hapman, Hepmann, Hebmann, Hepeman, Logan and Summers.
Sonderegger Community
Researching the name and its application including the variants Sondereguer (Latin American), Sondeijker (Dutch) and Son de Regger or Sonderecker (German).
Family history as compiled by Andy Potts. Includes associated research and relevant background history.
Souhrada Family
Information on family history, genealogy, family reunions, photo gallery, and family news.
Family history of Lesla Soulsby including the surnames Currie, Drummond, Knox, Liddy, Morrison, Patterson, Peavey, Saunders, Stewart and Stockton. Tracing the lineages from Perthshire, SCT to AUS.
Spade Family in America
Focal point for members of the Spade family in America to share family history and photographs.
Family history of Michael Spann including the surnames Davis, May, Whitney, Tucker, Prue, Hyatt and Beaman. Compiled by Michael Spann.
Spelts Genealogy Data Repository
Family genealogy database, photos and history. Registration required for access.
History of the Israel Spikes family. Includes photographs and a web ring for related family sites.
Spoor: USA
Descendants and ancestry of Thomas D. Spoor of Starke County, Indiana.
Spradlin Branches
Researching the early families of Floyd and Johnson Counties in Kentucky. Surnames include Blair, Salyer, Hitchcock, and Conley.
Spybey Family Tree
Supplies archives, and family interviews and information from Spybeys all over the world.
Stacey: Australia
Yahoo group designed to unite those researching the name within Australia or with connections in the UK and Ireland. Free members only section.
Stadler Family
Pedigrees of this and related family lines primarily from Germany, Prussia and Bohemia.
Staleys Family History
Documentation for 14,211 Staleys from family historians worldwide.
Standish Family
Standish and Bemont ancestral history; includes Myles and Charlemagne lineages.
Stanier family. Includes surnames Staniar Stanier Stanyer Stonehewer Stonier and Stonyer.
Lineage of Jacob Stauffer (b.1765) as compiled by Robert J Stauffer.
One-name study including the variants Sted, Steade, Steads, Stade, Stede, Steede, Steds, Stid, Stidd and Stide. Maintained by Shelagh Mason.
Stedman Family Organization
Research focuses on the Stedman families originating in the British Isles; not the Swedish Stiddem or Stedham family, nor the various German Steadmann lineages.
Family research and name resources including mailing list, photographs, reunions and associated links.
Includes Burdick, Williams, Cole and allied family of Montana, Missouri, Idaho and Illinois.
Stennetts of England
Five generations of Seventh Day Baptist ministers including names, places, and family plus bibliography, indexes and contacts.
Sterling Family
Descendants of Jonathan Sterling Snr (b.1792) of IRL. Settled in Somerset County, Maine USA around 1830. Features family tree and photographs.
Connecting those who share the same name including the variants Stickel, Stickles and Stickle.
Stitt and Adair
Descendants of Thomas Stitt and Mary Adair as presented in a World Connect database.
Family history of Thomas A Stobie from Overland Park, KS USA. Includes a reference link to the Stobie database (World Connect).
Stoddard Family Legacy
History of the Stoddard family in America, includes family pages.
Stone Families of Ireland
Connecting the Stone families of Ireland from Henry VIII to George III.
Stonesifer: Delaware Families
Ancestral histories, archives and cemetery listings including a special memorial to US Army Rangers Kris Stonesifer and Jonn Edmunds, who were killed in a helicopter accident during operation Rhino.
Stotera - All things Stotera
Family tree for the Stotera surname. Includes other interests too.
Descendants of Richard Streatfield born abt 1540 of Chiddingstone, Kent, England.
Streiff Family Ancestry
Information on the Streiff surname originating in Switzerland. Descendants located in Europe, United States and elsewhere.
Researching the name and its variants worldwide. Includes histories and English Civil Registrations of BDMs from 1837 to 1820.
Strickler Family
Information, sources, family trees, coats of arms and history to 1300 of the family in Switzerland and worldwide.
Lineaeges, photographs, and descendency charts.
Stronach Family : Three Spades Deep
Descendants of George Stronach and his first wife, Mary (Polly) Fales and second wife, Elizabeth (O'Connor) Merritt.
William Strother Society Inc, dedicated to the descendants of William Stother (d.1702) of King George Count, Virginia, USA.
Stroud Family History
Discussion group of Stroud genealogy and related families, as well as exchanging family files and photos.
Strutton Family Connections
Strutton (Stratton) pedigrees as co-ordinated by Shirley Strutton Dalton. Features general queries, name origins, bible records, wills, land deeds, photographs, census data and military records.
Ancestral history of J Stubblefield including the lineages of Farmer, Fisher, Atherton, Harpter and Sizemore.
Sturge Family
Linking the descendants of Thomas Sturge of Gaunts Earthcott in preparation for the Third Sturge Pilgrimage.
Stymiest : The Wizard's Realm
Researching the Steinmetz and Stymiest lineages, including surnames Becker, Gomsrud and Harder. Features veterans page and associated webrings. Compiled by Steve and Bill.
Stüssi Genealogy and Family History
A study of the Swiss surname Stüssi with research notes and other information files.
Collection of Sudduth family history from the perspective of Ned Sudduth and his extended family. Includes family photos, a forum and ancestry information.
Researching the lineages of Sumner, Rushton, Willson, Johnson and Garman. Includes searchable databases and associated links.
Sumner Genealogy
The Sumner family originated in Wiltshire, UK, and spread to Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Dorset. Offers family trees for each one known.
Svensson Family
Descendants of Isabella Anna Sophia Swanson USA, includes ancestors in Småland and Halland, Sweden.
Swander Family Tree
Descendants of John Swadner as compiled by Morris Gail Swadener Jnr.
Swank Family Line
German descendants arrived in America around 1734 settling in Pennsylvania before moving on to Maryland. Includes surname list, photos and grave markers.
Family history as compiled by Ellwyn Swegle and Karen Swegle Holt. Includes surnames Allen, Carney, Foster, Thrasher, Wise and Weiss.
Szikula Family
Szikula and Sikula family history.

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