Software utilities which are used to manipulate raw data into charts, reports, mailing lists, etc.
All in the Family Tree
Utility used in combination with a genealogical program that can produce a GEDCOM
Ancestral Author
Windows program to document genealogical research. Creates hyperlinked Adobe PDF files from GEDCOMs, text files, images, and other user input.
Behold Genealogy Software
A genealogy utility for Windows that allows you to view GEDCOM's in a single page.
An electronic filing cabinet for systematically organizing and storing genealogical records.
Utility to enable Legacy Family Tree files to be easily transferred from a PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are.
Family Tree Guide
Provides tips on how to research family history online and how to build a family tree.
Gedcom DataBase Interface (GDBI)
An add-on for phpGedView, GenealogyJ, and jLifelines. It provides an editor similar to Brother's Keeper and the LifeLines report system.
Gedcom4j is a Java library (not an application) for parsing, manipulating, and writing GEDCOM data in your own programs.
Genealogy Template File
Based on Azz Cardfile software, with ability to add images, print and export data.
The Genealogy Timeline
Genealogical and Historical Timeline software. Merges historical information with family data.
A free form research manager designed to assist family historians in documenting and managing information collected during research.
Utility that generates and tracks research to-do lists, links to online records, prints worksheets, and helps plan research trips.
JandL Software's Genealogy Reference
A utility to organize genealogy research data and references.
Map My Ancestors
Utility to map your family tree using popular mapping tools such as Google Earth or Google Maps.
MudCreek Software
Windows-based utilities for comparing genealogy files for matches or duplicates, and for viewing, searching, and analyzing your genealogy files.
Windows software for drawing pedigree charts.
Pocket Genealogist
Genealogy software which allows you to transfer your data to a handheld PDA.
Progeny Genealogy Utilities
Windows based genealogy utilities that use your GEDCOM file to create family tree charts, family history time lines, family maps. Includes PAF*Mate, GED*Mate and Genelines.
Relativity Explorer
Software tool for Windows. Allows the visualization and interactive exploration of an extended family tree
WonderWare Relativity and Ecotivity
Generates genograms and ecomaps from text input.
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