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Best Gay Bloggers
Directory of gay blogs sorted by categories, commented by users.
The Bilerico Project
Group blog of advocates debating politics, pop culture and everything LGBTQ.
Box Turtle Bulletin
Commentary and in-depth reporting of news and politics affecting the GLBT community.
Citizen Crain
Political posts from a 10 year editor of GLBT publication.
The Closet Professor
A blog about GLBT history, art, literature, politics, and culture.
Daily Dose of Queer
Opinion and comparison articles on a wide range of topics.
Comments and postings from the Arizona desert covering local, national, and world news items.
Gay Agenda
Community driven news and topics related to the politics that affect the lives of gay men and women.
The Gay side of Things
A blog that expresses personal views on a wide range of subjects including gay issues.
Commentary and opinion blog of journalist and activist Matt Comer.
Joe. My. God.
Postings on culture and politics.
Latter-day Chino
An American expat in Taiwan weighs in on Proposition 8 and the confluence of religious and political power.
LGBTQ Nation
U.S. news, opinions, art and culture articles.
Made in Brazil Blog
Articles about Brazilian fashion, entertainment and tourism.
The Musings of a Confused Man
News, politics, sexuality and psychology debates.
The New Gay
Features columns, interviews such as Ask a Straight Girl, opinions, comics, and pop culture reviews.
On Being a Gay Parent
Openly gay father of two children shares his experiences, thoughts and advice.
On Top Magazine
Current events, entertainment, opinion columns, and travel articles.
Pam's House Blend
LGBT issues, rights, religion, and politics.
Q Biz News
Robin Hartzell commenting on accommodations, daily life, politics.
Queers in History
Comprehensive articles about famous people who were gay, lesbian or bisexual.
Coverage of media, politics, and celebrities.
Rex Wockner
Long time reporter of worldwide issues, focusing on California politics and local life.
The Tin Man
Thoughts and opinions of a Ney York City based gay man.
Includes politics, entertainment, commentary, technology, sports, gay video, design, gossip and men making the news.
TV Trick
Cole Escola's personal blog. Sharing daily happening, thoughts and opinions.
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