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Adam and Andy
Weekly strip and full archives, about two male thirty-somethings struggling to maintain their humor, sanity, and a clean house.
Boy Meets Boy
A rather domesticated couple deal with being in a boy band, excessive tattoos and an evil landlord.
Closet Oddity
The high school life of a dork named Trent.
The story of a boy who thought he could be a woman so well, he moved in with one.
Dollar Store Caviar
Web comic about a sometimes inappropriate minority gay couple living in Chicago (site requires Flash).
Explosive & Stuff
Webcomic about a gay man named Joe and the bizarre things that happen when supernatural forces take notice of him.
Finn and Charlie are Hitched
A weekly slice-of-life web comic about a married gay couple.
HIV + Me
Strips about living with HIV and AIDS.
Jayms Blonde - Secret Agent 69
Hollywood hairstylist Jayms Blonde and his faithful pedicurist, Precious Needmoore, defend the planet from bad air and bad hair. Work by Robert W. Cabell.
Kyle's Bed & Breakfast
Comic strip by Greg Fox about a gay bed and breakfast in the suburbs, featuring a cast of gay guys.
Noctivagus: Wandering by Night
Yaoi web comic about a gay teenage boy's quest to obtain his eternal love. Includes gay guardian angels and love triangles.
The Pantheon
Webcomic about deities of various mythologies. Mostly about Satan and his goatherd boyfriend.
Politically Inqueerect
Strips about the adventures of a suburban gay Republican couple.
The adventures, social and political commentary of buckminster duck, the gay duck.
The Queer in Review
Editorial Cartoons by Jim Drew, 1993-97.
Rasputin Barxotka
A dramatic webcomic about a Rromani smuggler and his lover and their adventures in the criminal and spiritual underworlds of Russia.
Straight Ahead
Webcomic by Neil Murphy, about Phil and his struggle with his sexual orientation.
Totally Gay Pet Shop
Mr. Gisby’s gay pet world. Comic strips, online games, fan club, information about artist, blog.
Troy Comics
Comic about a struggling actor/waiter in West Hollywood, his roommate Rigo, a model/bartender in a popular night club, and his friend Ray and Ray's drag queen boyfriend, Derrick. [Requires Flash.]
Venus Envy
Details the adventures of a teenage transsexual girl as she adjusts to her new identity and deals with family and school.
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