The Arabian Nights, or Thousand and One Nights, is a collection of stories from Arabic literature. The stories became known in Europe through Antoine Galland's translation into French, and Richard Burton provided a famous English translation.

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The Electronic Literature Foundation: The Arabian Nights
The Electronic Literature Foundation's presentation of The Arabian Nights, using translations by Andrew Lang and Sir Richard Burton.
The Arabian Nights
Gateway site to the ASCII text of Sir Richard Burton's unexpurgated translation; includes synopses and commentaries on the tales.
The Arabian Nights (Alf Layla wa Layla)
Text as translated by Sir Richard Burton (1850), from the Middle East and Islamic Collection of Cornell University.
Arabian Nights Entertainments
Text of the adaptation by Andrew Lang, first published in 1898, from Free Public Domain.
The Arabian Nights Nights Entertainments
Text of the adaptation by Andrew Lang after the 1918 edition; e-text from the Project Gutenberg.
Arabian Nights Study Guide
A much condensed version of some stories from the Arabian Nights, by Diane Thompson.
Free Library: The Arabian Nights
Free Library online transcriptions of many stories from The Arabian Nights, as translated by Andrew Lang.
Jewish Encyclopedia: Arabian Nights
Article (written circa 1900) about the collection of tales. Includes identification of stories that appear to be from Jewish sources.
Stories from the Thousand and One Nights
As translated by Edward William Lane (1909-14) and revised by Stanley Lane-Poole; e-text at Bartleby.
Thousand and One Nights
Entry from The Columbia Encyclopedia.
The Thousand Nights and a Night
Bibliographic and biographic information about Sir Richard Burton, along with his complete translation, as well as the Scott, Lang, and Lane translations.
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