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All About Fairies
Histories and origins of the fae and related creatures; belief and fairy tales in literature. Fairy
Overview and definition; related articles available.
The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
An ethnographic study by W.Y. Evans Wentz (1911), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.
Field Guide to Irish Fairies
Multimedia website introducing seven different types of Irish fairies.
Irish Folklore
Information on Irish fairies, including leprechauns and cluricauns, far darrig, silkies, banshees, and changelings.
Little People
An encyclopedia of all the different types of little people, from fairies to gnomes.
The Realm of the Fae
Encyclopedia categorized by element with illustrations, definitions, and folktales.
Timeless Myths: Celtic Mythology: Faeries
Celtic types and their origins, from the Banshee to the Pooka.
Urban Fairies and Their Appearance in Ann Arbor
Jonathan Wright explores the appearance of miniature doors, windows and spaces in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Wikipedia: Fairy
Encyclopedia article including sections on literature, art, origins and belief sources; name variations.
Legends of the Tooth Fairy
Article by Tanya Underwood relating to darker beliefs, available with an audio reading. [RealPlayer Required for Audio] (August 23, 2005)
Fairies and their kin
Article by Bob Trubshaw discussing fairies and the relation with ghosts, earthlights and abductions; links to related articles. (June 01, 1998)
Medieval fairies: Now you see them, now you don't
Article by Jeremy Harte proposing that the current image of fairies developed from 14th century literature. (January 01, 1998)
Hollow Hills
Article by Jeremy Harte on the meaning of the word barrow, and the "Hollow Hills" where the fairy dwell. (January 01, 1997)
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