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Fabulous creatures may be beings of folklore, mythology, belief and other animals or monsters of history or legend. In folklore there are frequently long held beliefs, meanings or traditions which follow through from one generation to the next in stories passed down verbally or in written form. Many of these traditions still hold true today, continuing to pass onto future generations.

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Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai
Translated Japanese tales of the supernatural, weird, and strange spirits, creatures, and beasts from history.
Little Vision Tricksters
An exploration of tricksters, elves, spooks, and spirits at the fringe of the human imagination and around the world.
Mythical Monsters
Hypothesis of creatures being based on unknown and real animals from the Western, Chinese, and Japanese dragons and covering sea-serpents, unicorns and the Chinese phoenix; by Charles Gould, published 1886.
National Library of Australia: Bunyips
Online exhibition of Aboriginal folklore stories and interactively references pantomime, literature, stamps, art, and skulls; animation, audio, games, a screen saver and activities available.
The Swan Maidens
Essay by Sabine Baring-Gould offering a cross-cultural overview of swan maidens; first published in 1866-1868.
Japan's shape-shifting and mischievous racoon-dog spirit.
Tengu: The Legendary Mountain Goblins of Japan
Overview article by Charles C. Goodin.
Terra Star
Contains information on dolphins, mermaids, fairies, angels and the Living Goddess.
Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology: Fabulous Animals and Cryptozoology
Summaries on the possible real-world origins of unicorns, mermaids, centaurs, griffins, and satyrs.
Wikipedia: Legendary Creature
Encyclopedic entry with lists and a description of fabulous creatures as defined in historical literature.
Wikipedia: Phoenix (Mythology)
Encyclopedic article of the mythological version.
Wikipedia: Tengu
Encyclopedia article on appearance, behavior and origins of these Japanese supernatural creatures; folk tales and traditions.
Mythical Brazilian creatures
Article pertaining to the mythical creatures and their local variations of Brazilian folklore. (May 11, 2003)
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