Míkmaq First Nation

Open to sites featuring information about the Míkmaq First Nation. 

Alternate Spellings:  Micmac, Mi'kmaq

Related Names:  Restigouche

Location:  Eastern Canada

Language:  Míkmaw, an Algic Language in the Algonquian stock.

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Acadia First Nation
Information on this community composed of five reserves. History and economic development. Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Chapel Island
Official homepage of this Canadian First Nation, with cultural,political, and historical information.
Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq
An organization that was formed in 1986 by the band councils of six mainland Nova Scotia First Nations.
Four Directions Institute: Micmac
Tribal profile, timeline, and links.
Ktaqamkuk Mi'kmaq Alliance
Information on heritage and contemporary issues from a Mi'kmaq cultural organization.
Membertou Band
Provides an overview of the Mi'kmaq of Membertou, Mi'kmaq Nation. A source of information on First Nations in Canada and information relating to current issues facing the Mi'kmaq People
Information on New Brunswick's Oldest Village. Located on the Northwest Miramichi river, it has been home to the Mikmaq people for the last 3000 years.
The Mi'kmaq (Micmac)
Heritage, politics and other information on this Nation.
Mi'kmaq Business & Service Directory
Web portal linking to Mi'kmaq arts, culture, language, history, spirituality, resources and a growing archive of news articles.
Mikmaq Language and the Mi'kmaq Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy. With a children's section.
Míkmaq Resources
Links to Míkmaq related sites.
Native Council of Nova Scotia
The history and programs of the Native Council of Nova Scotia. Established to serve the needs of off reserve Mi'kmaq/aboriginals in the province.
Quebec History Encyclopedia: Micmac
Article on the tribe from the Handbook of Indians of Canada.
What Became of the Mikmaq after 1755?
Genealogical and cultural resources on the Mikmaq people.
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