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Broken Claw
Biography, genealogy, indigenous and sporting information from an Otoe-Missouria man and his wife.
Bumblebee's Cherokee Site
Weblog about Cherokee culture, history and traditions.
Canadian History, a distinct viewpoint
A look at Canadian history from a native perspective.
Cherokee & Proud
Personal homepage of Victoria Hunt, with bio and family information.
Cherokee Bob
Family genealogy, ideas and links about Christian, native, and New Age spirituality.
Choctaw Prize
David Joe, Choctaw Indian, shares photographs and thoughts about his people. With links to favorites.
Circle Of Dreams
Poetry and photos of handmade jewelry.
Dancing Leaves
Native American and grief support poetry. Audio loop of Eric Clapton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight" at load.
Deer With Horns
Lakota family's website includes information about Sioux culture, American Indian history, and South Dakota, also with poems, stories, recipes, and links.
Destiny Heart's Paradise
Poetry, photos, and links to friends' personal pages.
Dncng_Spirit's Powwow Site
Listen to World Champion singers and see photos of Champion dancers. Powwow calendar and family photos are included.
Dr. CROW's Ani Yunwiya Home Page
Personal page with Cherokee links.
Dreaming Spirit's Homepage
Quotes from famous Native Americans, poems, and links.
Feather Poetry
Original poems and links to friends.
Flaming Arrow's Native Club
American Indian and mixed-blood information, music, and links.
Full Moon Prayer Circle
Native American quotes and sayings, plus some powwow listings.
I Love The Cranberries
Weblog of a mixed-blood Cherokee author, with articles on Cherokee history, culture, and language.
John Graham Defense Committee
Proclaiming the Yukon native's innocence in the killing of Mi'kmaq activist Anna Mae Aquash.
Lady Hawke
Personal page with links to Native American languages, crafts, music, legends, and bed and breakfasts.
Lakota Wolf
Homepage of a man who claims to have been Onondaga and Delaware Indian in a past life.
The Lodge in the Redwoods
Pomo family's website includes family photos, regional information, and links.
The Marigold Trail
News, reviews, writings and opinions from an urban Indian.
My Story
Life story, writing, and native links from an adoptee of Cherokee ancestry.
Orrin Lewis
Personal homepage of a Cherokee man, with links to essays about native issues and information about native languages.
Red Hawk Woman
Navajo woman's personal page with chants, quotes, information, and links to Indian shopping.
Riverwalk of the Ancients
Personal page with family photos, stories, poems, and links.
Sky Lite Stencils
Stencil art, stories, and family photographs of Kwakiutl Indian Buster C. Wilson.
Su San(ni)
Tribute, photos, tribal history and genealogy from a Cheraw descendant.
Sweet Grass Traditions
Homepage of a Cherokee woman with artwork, links, and articles on native culture.
Through Cherokee Eyes
Collection of Native American images compiled by John Runningwolf.
Todd Baker
Squamish Nation Indian of the Bear Clan, Grandson of Chief Khat-la-cha (Chief Simon Baker),and son of Ronald Wallace Baker of the Squamish Nation.
Pictures, legends, quotes, poetry, and other native tributes from a part-Cherokee woman.
Welcome to the Nest of the Snowwowl
Personal page with links and writing about native and other eclectic topics.
Whispering Eagle
Story of a Lummi woman adopted out to a white family as an infant. Native and adoption links.
Words of Wisdom
Native art, quotes, recipes, and cultural information, and a Leonard Peltier page.
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