Sacagawea, or Bird Woman, was a 19th-century guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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Idaho Public Television’s The Journey of Sacagawea
Shoshoni and Mandan/Hidatsa tribal members describe their view of her accomplishments and historians discuss her importance to the Expedition.
National Geographic's What we know about her
Describes what is known about Sacagawea with a link to information about her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
Pomp: The True Story of Sacagawea's Son
The famous infant's later life as an adventurer in the American West.
Sac-A-Ja-Wea: America's Greatest Heroine From the Lewis and Clark Diaries
A free online illustrated book about Sacagawea using the Lewis and Clark diaries by M. I. McCreight.
PBS provides information known about her life and journey on the Expedition.
Her life and contributions are described from a Native American viewpoint through video, text, images and a detailed timeline.
Sacagawea has video and text on her experiences and details her contributions to the Expedition.
Sacagawea - Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
Her role in the Corps of Discovery and the landmarks she recognized to guide explorers.
Sacagawea and Jean Baptiste Sculpture
Information and photos of a full size statue of Sacagawea and her son Jean Baptist on the campus of Lewis and Clark College.
Sacagawea and the Golden Coin
U. S. Mint describes the Sacagawea Golden Dollar and the artist who designed its image.
Sacagawea Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story
Using video, text and images demonstrates her role as the only woman on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Sacagawea's Role on the Expedition
PBS provides the biography of the teen-age Shoshone interpreter and guide in New Perspectives on the West.
Sacagawea- Sacajawea- Sakakawea
Sacagawea’s life and experience on the Lewis and Clark Trail is told in video, text and time lines. Links to Memorials and Interpretive Centers.
Sacagawea: Her Life and Death
Her role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition is demonstrated using quotes from the Expedition Journals and her controversial death is documented.
Sacagawea's life as told by her tribe- the Lemhi Shoshoni of Idaho.
Sacajawea (Boat Launcher) or Sacagawea (Bird Woman)
Short biography of the Shoshoni guide and information on her death.
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