Sites in this category provide specific information and editorial comment on the history of Native American tribes, nations, and regions, from prehistory to the present.

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American Indian Kids
Historical look at Native Americans for kids, ages 6-10. Emphasizes Indian family and community life.
American Indian Policy Center
Provides government leaders, policy makers, and the public with accurate information about the legal and political history of American Indian nations, and the contemporary situation for American Indians.
American Truths
Dramatic audio presentations quoting historic documents that contrast the values, beliefs, and behaviors of indigenous and immigrant cultures, and reveal the roots of today's controversies.
Ancient American
Archeology of the Americas Before Columbus. Magazine dedicated to prehistory artifacts and petrogliphs of the American Continent. A public forum for certified experts and nonprofessionals alike.
Black Indians, Black West
Essays about the historical interactions of African Americans and Native Americans, and their rarely acknowledged contributions to the nation's story.
A Brief History of Oklahoma
A series of articles dealing with all aspects of the state's history, including the prehistoric native tribes, as well as those who were compelled to migrate and settle the Indian Territory.
Carlisle Indian Industrial School
Respectfully honors those students and their descendants who lived the experiment, celebrates with those who prospered from it, and grieves with those whose lives were diminished by it.
Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux History
Series of articles, with timeline, about the eastern Montana reservation. Includes an annotated roster of Sioux and Cheyenne participants in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
H-AmIndian: New Media for Native Studies
H-Net discussion group dedicated to American Indian history and culture. Features archive, reviews, links to related lists, and subscription information.
History of the Northwest Coast
Significant events and history of the people of the northwest, from 1774 to present day. Includes journal entries from fur traders, Indian prophets, and ethnographers.
Indian Occupation of Mother Bedford
History of indigenous peoples of south central Pennsylvania.
Interactive Museum of the American Indian explores the great Native American civilizations that existed before the arrival of Europeans. Includes videos, 3D computer reconstructions, and virtual tours of archaeological sites, and photo galleries.
Mound and Effigy Building Cultures of North America
Provides a single point summary of online resources for all those interested in native American cultures, with an emphasis on mounds and archaeological sites.
Native American Conquest
These articles, written for teens, serve as a guide through North America before its Indian cities were destroyed by foreign diseases.
Native American Indian Genealogy Heritage
Collection of literary and historical excerpts and observations.
Native American Religion in Early America
Essay with teaching suggestions from a scholar in American religious history. In "Divining America: Religion and the National Culture" from the National Humanities Center.
Native Americans
Photographs of Anasazi, Cherokee, and Alaska native sites with historical commentary.
Native Americans and the Land
Collection of essays, including the effects of removal on American Indian tribes to what is now Oklahoma, and the near extinction of the American bison.
Paths to Living History
North American Indian and Indigenous People: A collection of historical documents, essays, and articles on various topics of Native American history.
Paugaussett Indians
Collection of articles on the history and culture of the Connecticut Indians, from 1630 to the close of the Indian Wars.
Rocky Mountain and Plains Indian Fur Trade
The impact of European explorers, fur traders, and mountain men on native people.
Southwest Web Ring
Essays related to southwestern Native American history, pre-history, and contemporary issues. Includes photo galleries of ancient southwest ruins.
The Te-Moak Shoshone
Commemoration of the 1863 signing of the Ruby Valley Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the Western Shoshone Indians and the United States Government. Includes a speech made by Chief Frank Te-Moke Sr (1903-1994) in 1965 and a link to the original treaty.
Town Creek Indian Mound
Information and historic site resources for the Pee Dee Culture at Town Creek, a regional expression of South Appalachian Mississippian Tradition, A.D. 1200-1400.
Trail Tribes: A History With Tribal Perspective
Culture and history of tribes encountered by Lewis and Clark including Shoshone, Lakota, Blackfoot and Mandan.
Utah American Indian Digital Archive
Articles, documents, photos and maps for many Utah tribes, including Shoshone, Goshute and Paiute.
Voices from the Trading Post
Oral history interviews with over fifty Indian traders of the southwest United States. Contains slide shows, with a focus on Navajo, Hopi, Zuni reservations, culture, and artifacts.
Voices: Tribute to Native American Heritage
Feature on Native American history from the Madison Voices newspaper.
The Wampum Chronicles
New research into Mohawk history, based on historical documentation, secondary sources, and Mohawk oral tradition.
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