Although, in many circles (particularly within the United States), the term "Métis" has come to mean anyone whose ancestry include European and First Nations peoples, the most correct use of the term refers to a group of people that had the beginning of their nation's organization originating in the Red River area of North America and are now recognized as one of Canada's aboriginal peoples. While it is true the Métis culture evolved from the merging of European and First Nations culture, the largest influences on this new nation was from French fathers and Cree mothers. The great dependence on the bison of the Canadian prairie also played a big part in aspects of the Métis culture. Some elements of Métis culture include:
  • Michif, a distinct language
  • Clothing, such as capote, buckskin jacket, mitasses, and Assumption sash
  • Food, such as bannock (gallette), rubaboo, and pemmican
  • Fiddling and the Red River Jig
  • A flag with a blue or red background and a white infinity symbol

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Manitoba Metis Federation
Provincial governing body of the Métis National Council. Career opportunities, list of directors and related news.
Metis (people) - Wikipedia
A general overview of who the Metis people are.
Metis Nation of Ontario
Governing body of Métis National Council in Ontario. Information on the organization as well as the history and culture of the Metis in Canada.
The Metis National Council
The national representative of the Métis Nation in Canada.
Métis Nation of Alberta
Pursuing the advancement of the socio-economic and cultural well being of the Métis people of Alberta
Selkirk Red River Métis Local
Local for Manitoba Métis Federation. Gives meeting minutes, recipes and information executive.
The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture
Online exhibits from the Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research.
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