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Sites listed here are for news services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals that are sources of information related to the cultural aspect of the ethnicity rather than the geographic area.

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Black and White versus Diversity: The Image of the Roma in the Balkan Media
By Mariana Lenkova, from the Greek Helsinki Monitor.
Fellow Travellers
Jack Straw is alone in his certainty about who a Gypsy is. [Guardian Unlimited]
Roma in the Czech Republic
Radio Prague reports on traditions, culture and customs of Romani minority in the Czech Republic as well as reports of human right violations and the contemporary situation of Roma.
Roma Press Center
Provides balanced coverage on Roma (Gypsy) issues to the printed mainstream media in Hungary.
Czechs to Dismantle Gypsy Wall
[BBC News] (November 24, 1999)
Multiethnic Kosovo is a dream untrue
[The Online Post-Gazette] (November 19, 1999)
Post-Velvet Revolution Years Rocky for Roma
[Central Europe Review]. (October 25, 1999)
Blind Justice: Crime, Corruption and Justice in Hungary
[Central Europe Review] (July 26, 1999)
Prejudice and Pickpockets: Gypsies in Prague
[Central Europe Review] (July 12, 1999)
All Ethnically Cleansed and Nowhere to Go
Whether or not they helped the Serbs, Kosovo's Gypsies are being driven out - and that's nothing new for this continually tormented group. [Time Daily] (July 08, 1999)
Gypsies 'caught in the middle'
The Roma people, who are being subjected to revenge attacks by Kosovo Albanians, have suffered a long history of persecution. [BBC News] (July 05, 1999)
Czech Gypsies in School Row
[BBC News] (June 08, 1999)
Another Romany Exodus Looms in Wake of Murder
[Prague Post] (February 25, 1998)
Bridging The Culture Gap
[Prague Post] (January 21, 1998)
Gypsies Refuse to be Forgotten
[] (December 04, 1997)
Protest Letter to Greek Minister of Public Order
Demands conditions at the Roma settlement at Zephyri in Attica be improved.[Greek Helsinki Monitor] (November 03, 1997)
Canada Limits Czech Visitors
[] (October 10, 1997)
Czech Prejudice - and TV - Fuel Gypsy Migration to Canada
[] (September 01, 1997)
[Roma Mozilla]
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