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The links in this subcategory are for discussion groups and forums related to multiracial and biracial individuals and families.

Related categories 1 Black Indians & InterTribal NA's
A discussion forum for members of Black Indians and Intertribal Native Americans. Black Native American and Metis American
A discussion forum for issues related to Black Indians and Metis Americans. IFSA's Interracial/Multicultural Forum
Discussion forum for members of IFSA in Dallas/Ft Worth. The Multiracial Activist Forum and Chat
Serves as an outlet for those in the biracial, multiracial, interracial or transracial adoptee community to discuss issues of relevance and interest.
Yahoo! Groups - FGM-MIXED
A discussion forum for those who are of a Mixed raced lineage of First-Generational Multiracially Mixed (FGM-Mixed) chronology.
Yahoo! Groups - Generation-Mixed
A communication and information resource designed for people of Mixed-race lineage and parentage.
Yahoo! Groups - Hip Multicultural Moms
A group where moms of biracial children and moms who embrace cultural diversity can meet and forge lasting friendships
Yahoo! Groups - MGM-MIXED
A discussion forum for those who are of a Mixed raced lineage of Multi-Generational Multiracially Mixed (MGM-Mixed) chronology.
Yahoo! Groups : hif-announce
Announcement list for Hapa Issues Forum.
Yahoo! Groups : Tiffany Limos
A discussion group related to the career of multiracial actress Tiffany Limos.
Yahoo! Groups: A Place For Us National
Discussion list for national multiracial organization A Place For Us.
Yahoo! Groups: bruin-ou
Discussion list for, a South African multiracial organization.
Yahoo! Groups: irhaven
Discussion list for IR Haven, an interracial and multiracial oriented portal.
Yahoo! Groups: Mavin
Discussion list for Mavin Foundation and Mavin magazine.
Yahoo! Groups: Metis
Discussion list for Metis (mixed blood people of Native American and non-Native American ancestry).
Yahoo! Groups: MetisCulture
Discussion list for Metis individuals in the United States.
Yahoo! Groups: Mixed Blood Natives
Discussion list for persons of mixed blood native ancestry.
Yahoo! Groups: Multiracial Teens
Discussion group for teens so talk about the multiracial experience.
Yahoo! Groups: New People Interracial e-Magazine
Discussion list for readers of New People.
Yahoo! Groups: SWIRL, Inc.
Discussion list for Swirl, Inc. focusing on mixed individuals and families.
Yahoo! Groups: to-mixies
A discussion list for multiracial individuals in the Toronto, Ontario region.
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