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Web based chatting and match making for Tamil people.
Web based flash chat room for Tamil people.
Free business directory linking Tamils around the globe, sorted by country and category.
Canadian Thamil Broadcasting Corporation
Tamil radio broadcasting 24 hours every day.
Dina Calendar
Important days like Muhurtham, Pradhosam, Amavasai, Pournami, Chathurthi, Shashti are marked in the calendar. View by day or month.
International Tamil Language Foundation
One of the few Tamil associations in the United States which works to maintain the tradition of the Tamil language and culture.
Information about how to draw kolams, a south Indian art form of decorating courtyards and prayer rooms.
Kolams, Rangoli and Muggulu
The floor art of India that is drawn daily at doorsteps is illustrated. The different types for Hindu worship, festivals like Pongal, Diwali, New Year and Christmas are showcased.
Step by step pictures for drawing South Indian art "kolangal".
Moonram Konam
A web magazine on political, social and film issues with stories, articles and poems promoting Tamil awareness.
Rangoli Designs
Describes and illustrates Rangoli and kolam, the Indian art of making designs at the entrance of a house or building, and at festivals to appease the gods.
Rangoli Kolam Designs
A collection of rangoli or kolam designs with videos showing how to draw them and a few art and craft ideas.
Rangoli, Muggulu, Kolam
Kolam and Rangoli for daily and festive seasons. The Indian floor art with various design and grid pattern.
Tamil Business Directory
An international Tamil business directory with listings by category.
Tamil Business Index
Searchable directory of Tamil businesses and events in the UK.
Tamil Calendar
150 years Tamil calendar in Tamil and English.
Tamil Calendar
Convert English date to Tamil date. Find day, month and year in Tamil calendar for English date.
Tamil Electronic Library
Providing information on Tamil language, literature, history and culture, along with Tamil web sites.
Tamil Guardian International
A newspaper covering Tamil affairs in Sri Lanka and abroad.
Tamil Heritage Foundation O Book
A database on Tamil heritage and language, targeted towards young Tamils living abroad.
Tamil Spider
South Indian portal includes film reviews and tourism.
Tamil Star
Canadian Tamil business directory.
Tamil Star Radio
A news and entertainment radio station based in Toronto, Ontario.
Tamil Tribune
Monthly magazine related to Tamil, Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eeelam. Current news analysis, culture, history, language, temples, religion and heritage.
Live Flash-based chat room for Tamil people.
Daily updated reports on the struggle for Tamil Eelam in the island of Sri Lanka.
A portal for resources in many Indian and Asian languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi, as well as modern dictionaries and music. Also offers translation services. Based in Singapore.
A portal that features comedy videos, music and radio.
Vortex of Kolams
Images of kolams, a unique art form from Tamil Nadu.

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