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This category is for sites that offer travel information and resources for people with specific disabilities, i.e., mobility, deafness, dialysis, etc.
Accessible Journeys
Offering vacation information designed exclusively for the slow walker, or wheelchair traveler. Includes cruise and independent travel, as well as a newsletter.
Accessible Portugal
Tourism company set up to offer disabled people holidays in Portugal. Information offered in four languages.
Centre d'hémodialyse de l'Archette
Private dialysis clinic open year-round in France.
Dialysis Unit at Royal Artemis Medical Center
Kidney failure disease patients can now travel to Paphos Cyprus and enjoy their vacations by the sea, while receiving their dialysis treatment in our kidney dialysis centers.
Disabled Traveler
Information, locations, and tips on products for the disabled traveler and family.
Frontier Travel Camp
Special needs summer tours for individuals with add/adhd, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities. A new and exciting therapeutic travel experience.
Global Dialysis
Dialysis centres and travel around the world.
Guided Tour, Inc
Supervised travel, recreation and vacation program for persons with developmental disabilities and mental retardation, featuring trips all over the USA and the world.
Medical Travel
Offers wheelchairs and stretcher transportation, long distance or local. Based in Florida.
Mesogeios Mediterranean Holiday Dialysis Center S.A.
Mesogeios is the first and only holiday dialysis center in Greece.
People and Places
A not-for-profit organization providing small group travel and vacation opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and special needs to destinations around the world.
A year round travel program for people with developmental disabilities. Offers "Sproutstock," a weekend music and arts festival.
St lucia Vacation Dialysis
Details of holidays and support in the tropical Caribbean for people on dialysis. Includes images, area details and information about the services supplied to those on dialysis.
Tulip Travel
Travel agency specializing in supervised vacations for individuals with developmental disabilities.
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