Hearing Dogs alert their deaf or hard of hearing owners to sounds they cannot hear.

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Can Do Canines
Dedicated to helping Minnesotans who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or disabled to become more independent and self confident by pairing them with specially trained assistance dogs.
Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.
Program offers trained canines for the hearing impaired. Find information about placement of animals, application process, and contacts.
Golden Ears Hearing Guide Dog Training Center
A nonprofit organization working to train hearing dogs for the deaf and hearing impaired. Details of the training program with images and FAQ. Located in Tacoma, WA.
Hearing Dog Forum
Dedicated to fostering communication between owners. Features tips on ownership, training and care.
Hearing Dogs
New Zealand organization providing details of hearing dogs for the deaf, how to sponsor a dogs training as well as how to apply for your own dog.
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
British charity that trains and places canines with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing at no cost. Find details on the program, eligibility requirements, contacts and links.
International Hearing Dog, Inc.
Non-profit organization that provides trained dogs at no charge to U.S. and Canadian residents who have at least a 65-decibel hearing loss. Offers an overview of the program, FAQ, information on requirements and contacts.
Lions Hearing Dogs Inc.
Provides free dogs to Australians with hearing disabilities. Find eligibility requirements, history of the organization, map to the training facility, sponsorship information and contacts. Located in Adelaide.
Susquehanna Service Dogs
Find details on the program, application process and information request forms to obtain a service dog from Keystone Children and Family Services. Located in Harrisburg, PA.

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