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Afshin Naghouni
A history of painter who is a Tetraplegic with examples of his art work.
Alan Shain
Comedian, speaker and disability activist whose artistic work is founded on a deep commitment to taking personal responsibility for creating change.
Alonzo Clemons
An artist with Savant Syndrome known for producing marvelous animal sculptures from memory alone
Brog Art
A quadriplegic wheelchair user from California offering details of his surrealist paintings with examples and how to purchase.
Chaz Southard
Highlighting the paintings and art work of a Massachusetts artist that injured his spinal cord during a surfing accident.
Evelyn Glennie
Scotswoman has carved a new place for solo percussion, melded traditions and instrumentation from around the world and, indeed, hears percussion as music in its own right.
Fibromyalgia - Artists Loft
A site for those with fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, chronic fatigue and overlapping conditions to showcase their art.
Harriet Sanderson
A disabled visual artist who employs non-art materials and unusual presentations to confront life's ironies, and absurdities, particularly in their relationship to the physical limitations imposed by disability.
Jon Sheptock
Christian singer born without any arms. Site has bios and mp3 downloads.
Landscapes of Ben's Mind
Dealing with Schizophrenia and my faith through poetry, drawing, photography, and design.
Lisa Fittipaldi
Contemporary and abstract art by blind artist, created from the mind's eye in Oil and watercolor.
Mack Nez Johnson Jr
A mouth stick painter injured in 1983 in a car accident now paralyzed from the neck down. Details of his painting and digital photography and how to purchase. Requires flash.
Mary Cox-Bilz, Author and Artist
Holding a mouthstick between her teeth, she types her manuscripts. Mary is also an accomplished mouth artist and has artwork and greeting cards.
Matt Sesow
His raw confrontational images dealing with pain, solitude, and desire are brilliant examples of edgy 21st century art
Michael Jurogue Johnson
A gifted contemporary naïve artist who was born with Down Syndrome. Michael paints watercolors, acrylics and oil paintings.
Michael Monaco
A gallery of landscape oil paintings by a Quadriplegic Artist who paints with a brush held in his mouth.
Mike Loder: Kiwi Comedian
A sit down stand-up comedian based in Auckland, New Zealand
Neil Marcus - 'Storm Reading'
An inspiring and passionate act, written and performed by Neil Marcus, a writer and poet who lives with dystonia.
Red Rider Studios
A quadriplegic mouth artist. who uses all kinds of mediums. Nature art is his favorite type to create.
Rick Boggs
Blind Actor speaker musician artist performer entertains audiences with motivational speaking, acting, music, and his guide dog Jake.
Shirley Bell Designs
An artist paralyzed in a car accident when she was 16. View details of her work, life and her watercolor studio operating out of Jamestown RI. Includes an online gallery of her work.
Simon's Diary
Diary pages and gallery from British disabled artist Simon Smith. Simon writes from both a personal and social perspective, including comments about his experience as a person with a disability.
Tish Holmes
Tips to other disabled artists and gallery of works.
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