Society Death In Memoriam Teens and Young Adults
Memorials to teens and young adults.

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Adams, Ashlee
Includes photographs, reflections and scholarship information. 1984 - 2003
Ashe, Margaret Elizabeth
A tribute to a young woman who strove to help others even after being diagnosed with Spinal Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). 1980 - 2000
Aud, Ryan
Tribute to Ryan. 1976 - 1998
Ballve, Kristen
Shares memory, pictures, and poem as dedication. 1979-1997
Belton, Melissa Haynes
Killed at age 18. Prose, poetry, and photographs. 1980 - 1999.
Bonham, Donald Rene 2nd
Memorial to 'Bubba' who was killed in car wreck at age 18. 1985 - 2003
Chhibber, Ankit
Died following a car crash aged 19, in 2009. A biography of his life, photographs, Indian and English music he enjoyed, tributes, guestbook, blog and a contact form.
Christ, Brian
An electronic memorial to a young individual who died of a tragic heroin overdose.
Ciampi, John Michael
Pictures, videos, private words about a 21 year old college football star that died tragically on Oct 31, 1999.
Collins, William Dale
A mothers tribute to her son who died in an accident. Includes poetry and articles on grief. 1979 - 1997
De La Rosa-Anderson, Conrad
Dedicated to a son who died in a traffic accident the week after turning 19 years old. 1984 - 2003.
Dorrington, James
A tribute to a young man of Billericay, Essex, UK who suffered from a grade 3 glyoma brain tumour. 1984 - 2002
Finley, Mark
Dedicated to the family and friends of Mark, who died at the age of 20 from bone cancer.
Haigh, Russell
Includes photographs, tributes and a message book. 1980 - 2004
Kemp, Ali
Photographs, memories and writings.
Kent, Hayes
Poems, photographs, and personal interests of a 16 year old boy killed in an automobile accident.
Kenyon, Lee Ronald
A mothers tribute to her son.
Knauss, Dalton William
Dedicated to the memory of Dalty, who was born January 20, 1984 and was 15 when he died on March 13, 1999. Contains poems, photos, his interests and inspiration.
Kolb, Max
Includes Telethon information, words, memories and support.
Kukoleck, Sean Stephen
A mothers tribute to her son. Includes poetry and a eulogy. 1981 - 2001
Levanon, Yohai
Dedicated to a young man who suffered from Asperger Syndrome. 1983 - 2002
Lora Beth
Died May 22nd 1999 aged 18 in an automobile accident. Includes her life story and photographs, family memories and pictures and a theology section.
Lowder, Gary Jr
A parents memorial to their only child, Little Gary. Contains photos and information about their memorial scholarship. 1975 - 2002
Mayer Sisters
Dedicated to Krista, Nikki and Jessica Mayer, three sisters killed on January 1, 2004 on their way to be bridesmaids in their brother's wedding.
McNeil, Christopher Michael
In honor of her fiance' who was killed in a car wreck on june 14, 2000.
Nash, Justin Andrew
In memory of a son, 17 year old Justin Nash. Features his art, writings, and cartoons. 1982 - 1999.
Patterson, Kellie Elaine
Memorial to a beloved daughter and sister. Includes poems, art and photos. 1970 - 1987
Peak, Jeffrey David
A mothers memorial to her son who died at the age of 14. It includes photographs, music, journals, his artwork, a guestbook and stories of his life. 1990 - 2004
Reid, Heidi Allyn
A parents tribute to their daughter. 1979 - 2000
Written by a bereaved father for his son killed in a car crash. Articles about parental grief and photographs.
Roose, Ashley Jo
In memory of AJ who loved karate and animals.
Sekera, Samantha Dawn
A memorial for a 15 year old friend who passed while hiking. Includes information about her memorial fund. 1984 - 1999
Sikkink, Nicole Marie
A memorial to daughter, Nicole Marie Sikkink, loved and missed by family and friends. Contains poems, newspaper article, and obituary notice. 1983 - 2001.
Somers, Gary
In memory of a fourteen year old Irish boy who passed away due to an epileptic seizure. Remembrances, tributes and information about epilepsy.
Swickey, Jr., Michael
Photo and tribute to a boy killed at age 16 in a pedestrian-car accident.
Voorhees, Thomas Matthew
In memory of Thomas, known by friends as "Tommy Danger", of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Pictures, music, forum, and guestbook. 1982 - 2000.
Winik, Emily Ann
Site dedicated to the memories of Em.
Wright, Steve
Memorial to a 13 year old boy, Steve Wright, who died from a BMX stunt. Photos and reflections.
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