Memorial sites for babies lost after birth.

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Barton, Adrian
A tribute to the short life of Adrian Cole Barton, a victim of child abuse.
Deveau, Averie Catherine Diane
December 9th 2006 to Christmas Day 2006. Died of complicated congenital issues. Includes her timeline, obituary and letters and poems.
Goldman, Tamara Jane
Memorial including photos, messages describing her birth, death, funeral, autopsy report, possibility of cloning her from cord blood stem cells saved at birth, and poems written by friends. 1/30/04 - 3/24/04
Hess, Ethan Tyler
Poetry and photos for a young infant. Links to other memorial sites.
Hess, Nathen Michael
Poetry, photos, links and the story of this young infant.
Kull, Alexis Kimberly
The celebration of a life lost to Meningitis.
Nugent, Grace Anne
Dedicated to a baby born with trisomy 18 by her parents. Their lives were changed by her beauty. Support for families who have lost an infant.
Overacker, Casey James
Tribute to a baby son, Casey James, by his parents. Story, photos, and mementos included. March 2, 2001 - March 9, 2001.
Ray, Devon
Memorial to Devon, who died March 24, 1997, at 12 hours after birth, during surgery for a heart defect.
Ricky and Ashley
Ricky died of intussusception at the age of ten months. Ashley was stillborn.
Ryan Chute
Tribute to Ryan, who was since passed away due to Leukemia diagnosed at three month's old.
Spindler, Allan Francis
Dedicated to a baby who was born sleeping. Includes poetry and comfort to others in grief.
Tagunicar, Sophia Beatriz
Born on October 17th, 1998. Photographs.
Williamson, Adam Christopher
Stillborn on the 27th Sept 2000. Adam's story and poetry.

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