Memorial sites for men.
Albery, Nicholas
Obituary from The Guardian.
Berkus, Robert
A site dedicated to Bobby Berkus and those who loved him.
Died June 26th 2004. Written by one of his parents, includes their story, inspirational writings and links.
Boutilier, Timothy James
Tribute to Tim includes biography, photo album, poems, and stories. 1962 - 1998.
Bray, D.W. (Bill)
A brief biography of Bill Bray, farmer, scientist, expatriate, husband, and father.
Bronson, Robert C.
A mans tribute to his father. Includes extensive writings on Christian faith.
Clark, Christopher Michael
A young man who was trying to get his life straightened out when he was killed in a head-on collision after a wedding.
Coch, Clifford H.
Eulogy for a rebel.
Cooksey, Hubert
Includes family pictures and family news.
Danckwerts, Michael
A young Australian who loved India and sought his spiritual destiny there before his sudden and tragic death at the age of 27. 1975 - 2003
Decoteau, Richard "Dick"
A site created and dedicated to a father and best friend, who passed away Nov 21, 2001.
Dunn, Jason Christopher
Family memorial featuring numerous photographs and graphics, links to Jason's interests, postings of memories and other links. 1974 - 1997
Dunn, Jason Christopher
From all those he left behind.
Evanko, William
Memorial site with pictures and recollections. 1943 - 2003
Gray, Dallas
Died in 2012 aged 36. Life story, photographs and information about his baptism.
Griffin, John D
A Memorial to a former police officer who passed away of a heart attack.
Memorial for a young trucker who died in an accident. Grinch was his CB handle.
Hankins, Gary Ottis
Dedicated to the memory of Gary Ottis Hankins of Southaven, Mississippi.
Hooper, Scott
A memorial to Scott Hooper including family pictures, grief, poems, music, and letters. 1972 - 2001.
Hope, Danny
Memorial site for Danny Hope who died in March 2002.
Jennings, Richard
1912-1938 Offers a gallery of pictures, his family tree and funeral details. Contact form.
McAuley, Roger L Sr.
A sons tribute to his father who was lost on a fishing and diving trip in northwestern Australia. 1928 - 1996
McCabe, Richard Hughes
In memory of Rick McCabe of Minnesota who died in a plane crash. 1955 - 2003
McDougall, David
Family remembers their devoted dad with stories and photos. 1946-2014.
Features the author's tips to manage grief, links, pictures and poem.
Nolan, Andrew Eugene
This site is dedicated to Andrew, who was called home on June 5th, 2003.
Pasmowitz, Ronald
Eulogy for Ronald "Ronnie" Pasmowitz by his son.
Reece, Frank
The story of his experiences behind enemy lines during World War II. Includes newspaper article in PDF format.
Reeves, Christopher FRGS
Offers a biography, tributes, expeditions and contact details for Fiona Reeves.
Reitmeyer, Todd
Catholic priest from the Diocese of Sioux Falls. 1969-2006
Routh, Fred E. Jr.
A man's tribute to his brother Fred, who was born in Greensboro, NC, USA, but preferred San Francisco. Pictures and guestbook. 1953-2003.
Scheck, William
Eulogy for Bill Scheck by his children.
Sherrill, Danny Jr.
A parents tribute to their son Danny. Forever loved and missed. 1976 - 2001
Smith, Benjamin Harvey
A fathers tribute to his son who was killed in a derailing accident in Alma Michigan while working for Hulcher Services. Contains news, Ben's story and his favorite things, and grief resources.
Stamatelatos, Nikolaos
Contains poems, charities information, and advice for coping with grief.
Van Arsdale , Harry Jr.
A tribute to a caring and honest manager. Biography, legacy, memorials and a book. 1905 - 1986
von Brunow, Dr. V.E.
Story of early Texas Panhandle pioneer doctor who dedicated his life to his community and its residents.
Ward, Henry George
A tribute to the authors maternal grandfather of Wales. 1885 to 1927.
Wheeliker, Richard Graham
Dedicated to Graham by his family. Obituary, poetry, photos and memorial. 1944 - 2001
Willems, Martin William
Memorial to a beloved father, grandfather, brother, uncle, neighbor and friend. Includes obituary, eulogy, and family information. 1931 - 1997.
Foster, Fred
Obituary to this radio broadcaster of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, the voice of weekly Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert broadcasts, and subsequently a senior schools administrator in San Diego. (May 21, 2004)
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