Memorial sites for women.
Aleshire, Liz
Died October 13th 2008. Dedication and comments.
Brown, Marlene
Died in 2008, aged 46. Information about Marlene's life and letters to and from the medical establishment.
Burnside, Mabel
A tribute to a loved one written by Orene Custer.
Cohen, Eileen
A son's tribute to his mother.
Dunn (O'Keefe), Brenda
1943-2002. Tributes, pictures and life story.
Essberger, Mary
1917-2000. Obituary, a selection of religious poems, and sections on books she wrote.
Memorial page dedicated to the memory of a loved one, Faith.
Fox, Kasandra
Memorial for a remarkable and gifted woman whose interesting life is an inspiration to all. 1940 - 2004
Frohring, Heidi
1967-2005. Includes photograph albums and tributes to her.
Interess, Lauren
A mini biography of a young woman created by her friends.
Ishii, Mabel
Died aged 66 in 2003, in an automobile accident. Office administrator of Waikoloa village. Stories about her life with pictures and a submission form for readers to submit their own stories about her.
Jenkins, Tammy Kay
A daughters memorial to her mother, Tammy Kay Jenkins, who is loved and missed deeply. 1957 - 2003
Johnson, Dr. Ruth Anne
Tribute to Dr. Ruth Anne Johnson (Funk), 1927-2002, including family info and lyrics to one of her songs. Psychologist, playwright, musician, mom.
Konstantin, Robyn Amsel Mellon
January 31st 1953 - April 6th 1999. A tribute to a marine biologist who fell asleep while driving a long distance. Shares the story of what happened and information about the 'drowsy driver' campaign. Includes her obituary and pictures of the crash scene.
Lambert, Linda Kaye
Dedicated to the memory of Linda Kaye Lambert.
Martin, Mary Lynnette
Dedicated to the memory of a young woman who suffered a mild mental disorder and died at the hands of her caregiver. Contains photos and Lynnette's story. 1974 - 1999
McGinnis, Dorothy Valentine
A memorial tribute to Sun City's Dorothy McGinnis.
McLay, Melissa Ashley
In memory of Melissa Ashley McLay, killed in a motorcycle accident. 1984 - 2002.
Michael, Mary Alice Legg
A tribute to a young woman who died too soon. 1956 - 1999
Parma, Michelle
Memorial for a dancer and former MTV Road Rules cast member. Biography and links.
Philipps, Cordula
A Tribute to Cordula Philipps from a friend. Illustrated classic poems, photos and some translated stories.
Pillow, Ann Elizabeth
Tribute to Ann Elizabeth Pillow, a Syracuse University graduate from Virginia who passed away suddenly at the age of 26. Includes photos, stories and remembrances. 1976-2002
Richards, Susan
Memories and pictures of Susan Preston Richards, 1969 to 2001.
Roach, Margerete - Aunt Marge
Devoted to the memory of Margerete Roach, including poems, photos, and cooking links.
Schiavo, Terri
In memory of Terri Schiavo who passed away on March 31, 2005.
Stiers, Summer
1977-2009. Born in Portland, Oregon, USA and died of an unknown illness. Her story and an article from The New York Times.
Stokely, Monica Christina
Photographs, guestbook, and obituary. 1981-2007.
Tseperis, Nike Ordolis
1933-2007. Biography, obituary, photographs and a list of her favorite things.
Vanover, Edith Oliff
An online memorial and tribute to "Edie" Vanover.
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