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Aerial Ashes Florida
Ash scattering flights over Florida's water and land.
Angels Flight Fireworks Service
Ash scattering from within a fireworks display.
Ashes at Sea
Placement of cremated remains at sea in Southern California. Choice of vessel and port for any size group.
Ashes At Sea in Hawaii
Ash scattering at sea off the island of Oahu, Hawaii - attended or unattended services offered.
Ashes in Paradise
Ash scattering service on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Ashes on the Sea
Scattering ashes off the San Diego coast. For unattended scatterings, the ceremony is videotaped.
Ashes to Earth
Scatters cremated remains from an airplane in locations throughout Southern California.
At Peace In The Pacific
Ash scattering off the coast of Orange County, California.
Atlantis Memorials
Scattering of cremains at sea aboard yachts on the San Francisco Bay and by the Golden Gate Bridge.
Atlantis Society
Maritime funeral service providers, serving California and Washington State.
Bay Adventures
Provides sea burials, ash scatterings and memorial services from San Francisco and beyond with a variety of vessels.
Bay Watch Cruises
Burials at sea out of San Diego, California
A Burial At Sea
Maritime funeral services include attended or unattended ash scattering off southern coast of Rhode Island; burial certificate included with latitude, longitude; available for pets.
Burial At Sea Services
Ashes scattered off the New Jersey and New York coast from the stern of a sailing vessel.
Burials at Sea by Captain Johnnie Lee
Ash scattering services in the Long Beach, Alamitos Bay and Huntington Harbor, California areas.
Celestis Memorial Spaceflights
Launches cremated remains into outer space, including earth orbit, the moon, and deep space.
Cloud 9 Coastal Flights
Offers aerial ash scattering services over California's Big Sur coastline.
Curlew Charters
Burials at sea aboard a historic 1926 schooner. Attended and unattended memorials are available.
Dana Wharf: Burials at Sea
Burial along the Orange County coastline. Vessels range from catamarans to sailboats and can hold up to 149 passengers.
The Eternal Ascent Society
Scattering cremains to the winds via hot air balloon.
Eternal Reefs
Creates reef balls made from ashes and concrete, which are then placed in water to mimic a natural marine reef ecosystem.
Eternity in Alaska
Ash scattering services in Alaska.
Final Flights
Scattering of ashes from an airplane over land or sea in Big Bear, California, Agua Caliente Springs, California, Santa Catalina Island, California, La Jolla, California and Sedona, Arizona.
Florida Ashes at Sea
Ash scattering services at sea out of Fort Pierce and Stuart, Florida.
Foundry Flights
Provides aerial ash scatterings in the Pacific Northwest for a suggested donation.
Funeral at Sea
Scattering of cremated remains in Florida waters, including Christ of the Abyss (Key Largo), Veterans Reef, and Anclote Lighthouse.
Hawaii Ash Scatterings
Ash scattering services on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Islands.
Heaven's Wings
Aerial scattering of cremated remains off of the Pacific coast and other sites by request. Pet services also available.
Heavenly Flight
Provides aerial ash scattering over Arizona.
Heavens Above Fireworks
Memorial services incorporating cremated ashes into a fireworks display in the UK.
Homeward Bound Aerial Services
Aerial ash scattering in Colorado.
A Journey With Wings
Aerial ash scattering service over ocean or land in California and Nevada.
Lighthall Yacht Charters
Offers ash scattering services in Santa Cruz, California.
Marin Memorials at Sea
Ash scattering and burial at sea services on the San Francisco Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge on a private boat.
The Neptune Society
Comprehensive cremation and sea scattering services for California, Florida, New York, Oregon, Washington, Iowa and Arizona.
New England Burials at Sea
Services available from Maine to Miami. Also offers casket-free full body ocean burials and a plane service.Description of services, ports and prices.
Ocean Memorials
Ash scattering at sea around the southern coast of British Columbia.
Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea
Scattering of cremated remains services in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Hawaii and Alaska.
The Phoenix Flight
Aerial scattering of cremated remains in southern California.
San Diego Burial at Sea
Performs sea burials in San Diego on the Pacific Coast.
San Diego Yacht Charters
Yacht charters for a variety of activities including burial at sea. San Diego.
Sea Burial, LLC
Cremated remains scattering services. Accompanied and unaccompanied services, specializing in veteran services.
Sea Services
Burial at sea options, urns for burial at sea, with burial sites worldwide, information for veterans.
Serenity at Sea
Offers scattering of ashes off the San Diego coast. Videotaping available.
Sky Pilot Aviation
Aerial ash scattering over the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and southwestern USA.
South Shore Sea Burials Inc.
Scattering of cremated ashes at sea off Jones Beach Inlet in the Atlantic Ocean off Point Lookout, N.Y.
Wing and A Prayer
Scatters cremated remains by plane in northern and central California and Nevada.
Worlds Away Marine LLC
Offers burials at sea in Tampa Bay.
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